Apologising to all Gastropods

Yesterday’s post detailed the snail stomp that recently took place in a garden near here.  That post incorrectly called these lowly creatures crustaceans which I read a few times in the course of editing but nothing registered.  That is until 3am this morning when I woke with a start saying to myself…

Snails are molluscs!  Science 101.  Sister Mary Margaret would have been appalled at the error.  Sometimes my brain just goes ta-tahs.

So here it is my apologies to an entire species and in the interests of making the best job of the apology.  I researched the absolute most correct naming of these creatures (sourced from Wikipedia, where else).

Grapevine Snail.  We don't have these yet but I'm expectant because we do have a grapevine ... in sapling phase.

Grapevine Snail. We don’t have these yet but I’m expectant because we do have a grapevine … in sapling phase.

Terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs. However, the common name “snail” is also applied to most of the members of the molluscan class Gastropoda that have a coiled shell that is large enough for the animal to retract completely into.

Snail-like animals that naturally lack a shell, or have only an internal shell, are usually called slugs, and land snails that have only a very small shell (that they cannot retract into) are often called semislugs.  

Just so you know we’re inclusive around here, we have slugs too.  Ours is a patch of nirvana for all things gastropod-like.

Of course I should have realised snails would be gastropods because they eat everything in their pathway. Especially if that pathway happens to be near peace lilies, orchid blooms and vegetable seedlings, pansies, marigolds ..