November with Gratitude: Home

Regulars here will know how much I enjoy a challenge.  While there is so much to write about sharing with fellow writers thoughts on similar themes and topics is always more interesting.  Not to mention the different perspectives we bring to the same topic.

November is a month of gratitude … which seems appropriate in the lead up to Christmas and the beginning of a new year; full of hope and anticipation.  Over the next thirty days – and already a day behind schedule – I will be sharing different aspects of my life for which I am grateful.  Aspects of my life that enrich the journey and bring contentment.  Alison – at What if this is as Good as it Gets – has put together a list of things for us to ponder with an attitude of gratitude this month.

At the top of the list is: Home – where we return at the end of the day to find acceptance and strength.  It is a place of relaxation, entertaining friends and wellbeing.  We bought our house eleven years ago and as we’ve made it our own it has become our home.  Home is comfort, safety, security, welcoming place that has a profound effect on me and in which I take pride.

Welcome to My Home and Garden

Welcome to My Home and Garden



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