Digital Journaling

A month has passed since the start of the Easy Journaling 30-day challenge. It was a little strange not to have a journal prompt waiting in the inbox this morning.

Any challenge has stretching times that are relieved by the slackening as we ease into a new way of experiencing something that has become a daily ritual. I have picked up – and put down – journal writing throughout my life. I like the tactility of a physical journal that has turning pages that simultaneously hold insecure reflections while exhibiting the blinged up pages of a colourfully creative personality. October’s challenge was journalling of the digital kind. No days off – for good behaviour – and if we missed a day we were encouraged to catch up and keep moving.

IMG_1212Several sponsors contributed prompts supported by others who provided alternatives to each day’s suggestions, written to help participants delve a little deeper into the oft hidden recesses. The place where wild things lurk! Journalers gathered globe-wide to meet on a specially created Facebook group. We exchanged ideas, shared triumphs and overcame hurdles as a creative group. Our commonality is our love of the written word.

It has been an exhilarating experience and I’m now hooked – which was the idea of the challenge, wasn’t it! Thank you to the folk at Easy Journaling that made it all happen.  And, No, I haven’t re-joined Facebook – kind of. Nowadays, to be part of many groups, Facebook is a must.  If you want the soul of the group you have to sign up.  So reluctantly I signed up … with a pseudonym … and only for groups.



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