Happy 5th Blogoversary QP

The gift for a fifth anniversary is silverware according to current celebration etiquette.  So what do you do when a blog reaches five years?  Good question – perhaps as the blogger responsible for QP’s content I get a silver gift.  Yes, it’s a no brainer … silver bling.  Note to self:  bling shopping next four day weekend.

On a more serious note – bling wasn’t serious? – five years ago I ventured into the world of writing short pieces and sharing them with a set of followers.  The set has become a reasonable group and I owe you all a big thank you.   Followers are the encouragement and drive to keep going.  They read, like and sometimes comment on posts which help to maintain enthusiasm for what, at times, can become a grind.  When the spark starts to splutter fellow bloggers provide the inspiration to rekindle punctured passion.

Some posts have lain dormant for months and then like a kicked beehive expunging its angry contents a stream of comments file in to revive the discussion.  Bloggers like comments.  However,  some comments can be smarting, other times they provoke thought.  I’ve learned too about a third category of comments that … quite frankly … can only be ignored.  Yet we blog for the human connection, to document our thoughts and exchange perspectives.  There are times we will disagree with each other and like good parents we ignore the poor behaviour and pay attention to that which energises and motivates the muse.


zzzzz5 copyInitially posts were sporadic but a year ago the discovery of  blogging challenges opened up opportunities in which I still revel.  With confidence, came a voice and style unique to QP’s space in blogland.  While the content of the coming year’s posts has yet to be planned there is no doubt that it will continue to be a learning experience and one in which I plan to grow personally and as a writer.

I’ve learned a number of lessons along the way and I’m confident the next twelve months will present many opportunities for improvement.  Each challenge provides incentives to step outside our comfort zone and explore unchartered territory.  While it is scary sometimes it is exhilarating to reflect on the journey and witness the process of growth over time.  April was the most stretching month as we posted our way through the alphabet.  I have to say it was a happy day when I hit the publish button and set the Z post free.   This year’s  A – Z Challenge took its toll and the jury hasn’t recovered enough to know whether it was worth the time and effort that went into sticking with a theme for the whole twenty-six days.


It has been an educational and inspiring journey with much learning and enjoyment.

5th BirthdayCongratulations QP on your 5th birthday.


How long have you been blogging?  How old is your current blog and do you celebrate each year that passes?  If you do mark the day what does that look like?


7 thoughts on “Happy 5th Blogoversary QP

  1. Congratulations on your 5 years’ of blogging, Linda! 🙂 Your posts have always been good, but they have certainly improved over time. I wouldn’t miss any of them as there is always some nugget of wisdom in there. Here’s to the next 5 years!
    PS I should have a look at when I began my blog – it must be about the same time as yours. Perhaps I am due an anniversary.


  2. Congratulations on the anniversary Linda. May you have another wonderful five years. By the way that simile “…a kicked beehive expunging its angry contents…” that’s writing. Marvellous. 🙂


    • Aw Don thank you for visiting, the good wishes and stopping to comment. Yes, every once in a while a little brilliance slips in and as writers aren’t we so grateful when it does. Maybe the next five years will bring in some more gems – here’s hoping 🙂

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