When Life Works

One of the best gifts in an introvert’s life is time alone.  So when my work-world tipped its axis recently and unemployment was an imminent possibility part of me did the yee-ha dance.  The work situation has partially resolved itself and with one incredible blessing.  Every fortnight I get to bliss out with a four day weekend.

Luxuriating in bed this morning – day one of four – I caught up with the reader list of blogs I enjoy; played a game of golf – yep you can play golf in bed now and spent an hour deciding which favourite activity the day would be devoted to.  Because I’m in the process of writing my personal history I’m trying to be more disciplined with digital journal writing – self-discipline … not my best quality. To help establish the digital habit I embarked on a 30-day challenge with some folks who have loads of experience and wisdom.  When I reached the half way mark I was excited.

The first task – after getting out of bed – was to see what journal prompt was waiting for me.  An alternative to the main prompt is provided but today neither nudged the muse. I returned to yesterday’s prompt – which a short 24 hours ago wasn’t prompting anything -and something clicked with the muse.

The prompt was to make a list of things that are happening When Life Works.  Here’s my list of activities that bring meaning to my life and add value to my days:

  1. Regular contact with my children and my grandson.
  2. I get enough sleep and exercise (what happened to the gym routine – Note to self:  date this weekend for a good workout)I have been doing sit ups
  3. I eat mindfully thinking about nutrition and well being.
  4. I have things on my to do list that energise me and yes even catching up with the laundry energises me. I like knowing things are clean although I don’t get to complete the processes, in one day, required for cleanness around my whole house because I get bored part way through and generally find more interesting things that need doing right now!
  5.  I am having a good day at work. A good day at work is when I am out of the office, travelling in the country to visit a client. The best days are days where visits have gone well; I’ve been able to find services and put my hands on the best-fit resources to support a client to achieve her goal for that day/week. The best counselling sessions with clients are when the visit becomes a conversation that doesn’t look or sound like counselling.
  6. I can take time away from life inside my head and be outward focussed. When I am not analysing everything everyone says or does or how they behave.
  7. Regular activities outdoors whether it be pottering n the garden, reading in the hammock, swimming or simply doing my daily walk around my garden.  Simple pleasures are our treasures.
  8. There is balance between me and you time. When you understand that I enjoy being with people who are able to hold a deeper conversation and I do like being in a group of people I know well enough to be vulnerable. Life works best when I’m engaged with others who value meaningful conversations.  I used to cringe when I heard myself cycle through the weather, family, travels, and work questions.  I’ve given myself permission to drop that superficiality from my inter-personal interactions. Just so you know.  An hour is plenty of time for a catch up.  More than that and I start to feel the need to escape.  Please understand, it’s not you, it’s me – I’ve heard that line before.
  9. I am blogging regularly which means I’m up to date with the twenty blogs I enjoy following, have read the author’s work and left calling cards when I feel to do so.
  10. Digital journalling has added value to my day and provides content for future blogs and maybe even substance for my story.

I wonder what activities work best for you when life works?  What activities oil the wheels of your life.


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