10 Things I Love About Camping

As a child our annual holidays were usually by the seaside and I remember them as family time when everyone contributed in age-appropriate ways and there was a lot of give and take.  My parents were strictly hotel or apartment people but one or two family members went on holidays in caravans which we regarded with a fair amount of cynicism.  Soon after leaving home I went on my first camping holiday and have never looked back.

There are so many wonderful attributes of camping that are not possible while staying in more salubrious accommodation.  I understand that my reasons to love camping could apply as aptly to any holiday but the lure of the great outdoors has to involve a tent, peace and quiet and beautiful surroundings.

Picturesque Murrurundi

These are my top ten reasons to love a camping holiday, in no particular order:

  1. Escape from the mundane every day events of life
  2. No TV – therefore no (bad) news
  3. Early to bed and early to rise
  4. Fresh air and beautiful views
  5. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets
  6. Getting to know people with whom you’d not usually associate
  7. Walking or cycling to attractions which slows the pace of life
  8. No routine: time to read, write, gaze at the sky, talk, dream, ponder, veg out, do coffee, browse the museums or bookshops, or both
  9. Small things are important.  Like securing your tent in bad weather and slopping out the tent after an unexpected downpour.  Yes, it is a good attribute it makes me appreciate the comforts of home when I return there
  10. The places we go, the people we meet and the things that we see

We’ve returned from a two week break away in our camper trailer and it was long enough to combine all those elements to make it a perfect holiday.  We continued to enjoy good meals and spent a lot of quality time together, the MOTH (Man of The House) and I.

Our next camping break will more than likely be a four day weekend as work schedules permit.  It will also probably be local and within an hour’s drive of home which is one of the many benefits of living in such a beautiful part of the world.

Do you have special things you particularly enjoy on a camping holiday?




One thought on “10 Things I Love About Camping

  1. I love all of those things too – except for the water in a tent – which is why we have the small camper. 🙂 We barely get back from one of our jaunts to the bush or the coast before we are ready to head off again.
    The biggest like on the list is the one you put first – Getting away from the awful things that are happening everywhere and not listening to radio or TV. 🙂


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