How Long Does it Take You to Write a Post?

The idea of an editorial calendar appeals to my Type A personality.  The annal personality that loves order, planning, advance scheduling and control.  For the past few months I’ve toyed with a number of ways to post on a regular basis rather than the ad hoc system that is my current default.

The good thing about planning is that I have some topics sorted for the coming weeks and I can be giving them some thought.  The not so good thing about the calendar is that having a great idea is one thing, getting the post written is a different matter completely.

Occasionally a post will literally fly off the keyboard and the sense of achievement is surely every blogger’s high, a feeling that could make me a post junkie.  The inspiration is there, the photos appear as if on cue and everything comes together like, well, magic. If posts happened that way frequently I could be persuaded to give up work – well maybe, if it wasn’t for the fact I need an income.   But alas, those times are rare.

So it got me wondering how long does it take other bloggers to put a post together.  Of course there are pieces we’ve been mulling over for a while and we are still researching certain factors of our topic.  Other times we might jot down some ideas, or brainstorm to help clear our heads or get us over the blogging blockage.

There have been times I’ve banged out a post and been so eager to hit the publish button that I’ve had to edit my writing after it has gone live.  I don’t necessarily think that is a heinous crime given its infrequency.  However, I am not conceited enough to think that once published there is no room for improvement.  I have been known to re-read posts months old and tweak them.  Does that mean I posted too hastily or that I didn’t take enough care with the editing process?

You have a topic in mind; you have all the information; the right photos/memes have been uploaded to your WordPress (or similar) media gallery and you have time to sit and write.  Say a 500 word post … how long does it take you to put it all together before you’re happy to publish your piece?  Do you write a post and let it marinate for a while?  If so how long?

Looking forward to hearing your views.


4 thoughts on “How Long Does it Take You to Write a Post?

  1. I think writing a post takes you long time. I have been working on that during summer time to launch my own blog, I have written many posts and every single time that I read them again … I change something. So, I never know when it is good time to open this blog! So, absolutely it takes a long time to write a post, specially if you are a bit perfectionist! And as you said, I am pretty sure that if I check them after two months written, I will change something again!


  2. I like the researching too Linda and it helps to give a broader perspective. It’s good to hear the post ideas are revealing themselves more regularly and it is good to have time to ‘carry’ them around for a while before putting pen to paper. Bowing down to your organisational capacity to be blogging six months in advance! That is amazing! Is that the A – Z Challenge in April?


  3. I am like you, Linda, in that sometimes my posts flow like magic, but at other times are bogged down in treacle. I always write them to a Word document before putting them onto wordpress.
    Sometimes, when I am on a roll, I will write two or three posts ahead of time – it is lovely to have them on hand for when I am busy or travelling. However, mostly I write when I think it’s time to get another one up there.
    When I do a series of posts on a topic, I usually research over a period of time and don’t post the first one until I am well into the second or third. I have actually dropped the series I started on Fireworks because I haven’t had time to work on them after I posted the first one. 😦
    I used to go for days or even weeks before I could think of a topic to write about, but now I usually manage to find something twice a week. I don’t think I could keep going every day though. When I do the April Challenge, I hope to have most, if not all of my posts written beforehand this year.


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