Moving on …

All good things come to an end and we began the pack down tonight which means we’re experiencing summer camping.  It’s a big change from this time last week up in Glen Innes where it was woolly jumper and jeans weather.

Narrabri has been a great spot to gather ourselves and consider where to next.  One last stop before heading home over the weekend.  The original plan was to head down to Dubbo and visit the Western Plains Zoo which we’ve heard only good reports about.  However, the Dubbo campgrounds got a bad rap on all web sites we found.  Plan B was to stay in Narrabri enjoying  creek side living for another two nights.


Ok, for all you neat freaks … you should have seen our campsite half an hour after set up!

The heat abated today which made lounging about camp a treat.  After lunch the MOTH went for a bike ride while I took a walk downtown to appreciate some of the heritage buildings.  It would be disingenuous of me to say that was my only motivation for a wander.

In truth I enjoy browsing the shops especially specialty boutique-type stores of which there were a few.  Shopping is something I don’t do at home and have little patience for.  Unless on holiday I tend to have a list, dash into the centre (like a woman possessed) find what I’m looking for and leave as soon as possible.  I find crowds intimidating and they make me anxious.

The historic buildings have been well maintained but the court house was my favourite.  Maybe it is the fresh coat of paint but the building looks a lot younger than 126 it would be having been built in 1888.  It replaced the original court which was marked for demolition due to concerns about its structural integrity.  The area needed a larger building to cater for the growing needs.


We are uncertain where the next few nights will be spent.  One possibility is a free campsite in the Wallabadah area where there will be no power – or showers.  However, it does apparently have flushing toilets which was the only reason it received a second look.  There is a creek with swimming holes which will have to replace warm and soapy showers that the MOTH (Man of The House) and I so enjoy!  Brrr.

The other option is to plumb for the comfort of all things flushing, hot, powered and enclosed …

Prayer of the Woods





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