What was the First Car You Drove?

It was Allen’s VW sedan, of which he was very proud. It was well maintained, washed regularly and even vacuumed out weekly. It wasn’t a VW Beetle but a larger car. I think that was after he sold his Kombi. I remember him teaching me to drive in it. Courage was something he had in bucket loads and you have to admire him figuring he was up to the challenge!

My version of the story is that I was doing well until we came to a hill stop and a T-junction. I panicked when I saw the road train hurtling towards us. In true Robs fashion rather than stop I took flight and tried to get off the road but instead of backing up or rolling backwards I pulled out in front of how many tonnes of metal and steel … all so I didn’t have to perform the dreaded hill stop! If I had given the hill stop/hand brake stop a go I would have rolled back anyway, I was that useless at them at that point.

I wonder whether if he remembers that? He was white as a sheet and I don’t think the degree of danger I put us in ever registered with me (until much later). It was enough to know I had gotten around the corner!

Stupidity of youth and coping mechanisms that head me in the other direction or was it fight mode I was in. Taking on the velocity of how many tonnes of sheer grunt and truckie aggression. It seemed the truckie and I were both up for the fight. I got us around the corner, no hand brake start needed and the truckie adroitly swerved around us as he planted the air horn. The air horn trick was more frightening than the idiocy of my taking on the big guns .


One thought on “What was the First Car You Drove?

  1. Wow, scary! You were lucky to get through that one.
    I learned to drive in my then fiancé’s car. It was a Morris Minor 1000, and it had a clutch that you had to let out to the very end before it would engage the gear! Once I got used to that, I loved driving – and have done ever since.


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