Yarrie Lake, Narrabri

This lake is a few kilometres west of the Australia Telescope and was the perfect picnic spot after a morning of driving and sight seeing. The information brochure boasted 70 different bird species in the region which made it of interest alone. However, the only bird life we encountered were not unknown to us and birds with which we are familiar as they inhabit nature in and around our home in Lake Macquarie: Corellas, Indian Minas, a white heron and some swallows.

The lake is described as ‘an unexplained wonder’: a 3 km saucer shape on the periphery of the Pilliga Scrub and is thought to have been formed by a falling meteor thousands of years ago. The disappointing lack of bird life was more than made up for by the area’s tranquility and isolation.

The fascinating tree formations and growth patterns were quite beautiful and look at that blue blue sky, not a cloud in sight. It has been a perfect day.

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