More Valuable Than Anything Else

The week-long camping gathering was great for re-connecting with friends made at last year’s annual camper trailer gathering at Batlow. This year we met in Glen Innes for a hectic schedule of workshops that ranged from trailer suspension to DreamPot cooking and in between a lot of camping related information sharing opportunities. I passed on the meet and greet evening and the women’s knit and natter morning tea; QP’s followers of the introvert ilk will understand.

In spite of being a strong introvert I enjoy socialising so there was no question of missing the trivia night that combined meeting our team mates as well as an opportunity to share our knowledge of trivia. The auction night was another good opportunity to mix and mingle as the auctioneer bantered cheekily with the audience.

The 105 camper trailers (250 people in all) gathered in groups of six campers and formed small communities which tended to socialise, care for and support each other especially the day after a downpour that formed rivulets through some camps. Great conversations as we examined the disarray of those about us and helped tidy up. Look about the show grounds (where the annual gathering was held) and small clusters could be seen exchanging stories around camp fires. Stories of four wheel drive adventures, pouring over maps and discovering which apps were best for off roading and where the best free camp sites were.

Towards the end of the week I was becoming an irritable version of myself, craving alone time and solitude. I needed time to be with my thoughts, sift through the week’s activities, conversations and unravel the feelings of overwhelm that can make me short tempered.

The sage Rumi is credited with this truth:

“A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you.”

It is not selfish to want to be alone. It is sensible and absolutely necessary for all of us, not only introverts, to regain the centre and untangle the stress of too much ‘noise’.

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2 thoughts on “More Valuable Than Anything Else

  1. I wrote a fairly long comment on this last night using my tablet. Then it was lost when the connection failed! 😦
    In brief, what I said is that I agree with you re the need for time out, especially after being with people night and day for a week.
    That was why we were in the Kangaroo Valley for 4 days, 3 of them at a free campsite that only had water and toilets, and no internet or mobile phone access. It was BLISS!
    Now we are home again. I could have stayed away for another week, but the time out has been so good for me. I feel relaxed for the first time this year!
    Enjoy your time out with the MOTH! 🙂

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    • Time alone makes me want more and I know I could very easily become isolated. It’s key to find the middle road but I know what you mean when you say that no telecommunication access was blissful. I hope you get away again soon to recapture that feeling of complete relaxation.

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