Creek Camping

We’re in Narrabri, NSW, Australia, camped beside the Narrabri Creek under and surrounded by large eucalypts. After set up and sitting down with a drink, we noticed the birdlife.

Yes, they were the usual campsite scavengers; magpie larks, magpies and crested pigeons. A large flock of chatty lorikeets were engrossed in the day’s last sweep for the nectar from the flowering red gum and very camera shy.  These lorikeets appear squatter and short-tailed compared to those we’re used to seeing around home.

A single call from across the creek and six parrots – that sounded like a flock – took flight to roost in an even larger eucalypt across the water.

Three black-faced herons skimmed the creek surface overtaking the two canoeists enjoying dusk on the water before gracefully settling in the reeds to fish for their supper.

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