Two Person Put Together River Boat

Around the dinner table we discovered we had all dreamed of doing a river boat trip so it made sense that we’d enjoy this venture together, which we did in August this year.

Floating about for a week on a luxury houseboat it is difficult to imagine another way to do river boating.   It was our treat to our hard-working selves.  Six of us: two sisters, a big brother and their spouses … what a time we had.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Back then I was convinced the only way to cruise rivers was in the lap of luxury surrounded by loved ones, top shelf alcoholic beverages and cordon bleu cuisine.  That was until I saw this house boat on a recent weekend break.

A creative testimony to recycling and innovation.  I’m sure it does not boast imported Italian bath fittings or Egyptian cotton bed linen but you have to give it top marks for personality.  The post office sign on the back and home made half length dingy hanging off the back were a few of the touches lovingly added to the main structure. 20140913_110221 This sweetie is a two-person riverboat getaway and I fancy I could just about do it.  Two well loved lazy boy chairs gloriously commanded the back deck.  In-between the chairs was a milk crate supporting a plank – perfect for our wine and nibbles.

The little gem had a chimney that may just have been functional which led me to imagine how cozy we would be.  Snuggled under high loft hand made quilts (from op-shop fabrics) and listening to the patter of rain on the tin roof, hoping (but not believing) the roof was sound and had no holes.

It would be an adventure of a different sort.  Rather than cordon bleu menus to die for we’d have cornflakes and milk or porridge for brekkie; baked beans on toast for lunch and dinner would be bangers and mash with a side of tinned spaghetti.  There’d be a choice from on board booze from a small selection of boxed blended wine, local beer and soda pop.  Pre-dinner nibbles?  Chips and dip.

I think we could do it – we’re from strong Scottish and Irish stock.

We’d have a fine time … it’s the company that counts … isn’t it!


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