Hope, Courage and the Power of Listening

This week (Wednesday) the world marked World Suicide Prevention Day by reaching out to friends and family as new figures reveal there is huge demand for more support, information and advice to prevent suicide.  The theme this year is Suicide Prevention: One World Connected and reflects the importance that reaching out and forming connections can have in reducing suicide risk.

2014_wspd_banner_englishI am a big fan of TED Talks because they carry poignant messages that cut to the core of what matters most in life.  Kevin’s talk is moving and gives a different perspective on suicide and how to help those who have lost hope and courage.  The clip is 14 minutes long but it may mean a lifetime to someone you’re able to support through their darkest moment.  There is always hope and one day you may be the one hope one person may be staring at.  Education brings down barriers, smashes stigma and destroys discrimination.  We all have a part to play but will we all play our part?

Sometimes all we can do is listen.  Sometimes it is all that is needed.

We do not have to have the answers.  We just have to listen.


In Australia … If you’re concerned about the safety of yourself or someone else this link provides contact details of support services that have compassionate people who will understand your despair, suffering and aloneness and who will not judge your thoughts nor discount your feelings.  They are trained and are good at listening.



One thought on “Hope, Courage and the Power of Listening

  1. The day is also R U OK? Day here, as you know, where people are encouraged to ask someone if they are okay, and to listen to them. Just as you say, to show you care and to listen – so important.
    There was nobody to ask me if I was okay when I attempted to take my own life in 1975 – I was just fortunate that I didn’t succeed. I have a wonderful life now that I wouldn’t otherwise have had.


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