5 Ways to Process Disturbing Events

NaBloPoMo:  Talk about how we processed the events of Ferguson as part of the healing process.

The media presentation of events depresses me so I switch off when the MOTH (Man of The House) flicks on the news.  Whatever may be happening in the great blue yonder comes to my notice vicariously.  

I heard about Michael Brown’s death some days after things had turned pear-shaped in Ferguson.  Despite being on the other side of the world you couldn’t turn on the radio television or open a newspaper without being made rudely aware of recent events in Ferguson and learning of the anger in that community.

Maybe I am not processing the events of Ferguson but I have some strategies that have been helpful in processing disturbing events:

  1. Create a timeline of the event:  Recording the days before and after the event and how I felt; what was I doing, who was with me, what did I like/not like and what do I want to remember about the event?
  2. Find someone trustworthy to talk to:  Someone impartial who will help me find objectivity in the midst of turmoil.

  3. Walk or go to the gym:  These slow my thoughts and give me breathing space from the immediacy of the event.  The gym workout dissipates pent up stress and energy and the release of endorphins makes this a healthy option.

  4. Wonder where God is and when He is going to show up:  This may sound counter-productive but again it helps to redirect my attention from the situation as I seek God in prayer and meditation.  I understand He hasn’t fallen off His throne but I don’t feel or see Him while grappling with strong emotions.  My prayer journal helps identify the big questions as well as getting thoughts from my head to the page where I can be objective about them.

  5. Blog:  Having somewhere to escape to when the world has tipped its axis has been one of the best strategies.  When I pull up the chair, flip the laptop lid and enter the blogosphere everything else grows strangely dim.  It’s like taking a Nanna nap: refreshing and rejuvenating.

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Process Disturbing Events

  1. Great tips! I love ‘walking’ off my distress and I find that walking really helps me clear my thoughts. I sometimes spend an hour on the treadmill before difficult operating lists to work through the operation and scenarios in my head. Blogging also definitely help to offload, but I think the best thing is my hubby whom I can really talk to without fear of reprimand or judgement!


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