Murray River Trip: Day One

We chose to spend the first night afloat tied up at Echuca port while we unpacked and settled in.  Dinner was a collective effort easily assembled before we sat down to enjoy the wine purchased from the boutique wine shop.  We kicked back to tones of golden oldies on the Bose surround system:  Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Gordon Lightfoot.

The drive and escitement of being together in such amazing surroundings tired us out which called for an early turn in on our first night afloat.

Like most first nights away from home ours was unsettling as we got used to the mattress being either too soft, too hard, small or big and the cabin-size of the room affecting our sense of place, not to mention the strange night noises on the river.  The occasional duck call across the water and sometimes the whirr of a small motor necessarily tripped into action to maintain all systems of a floating home meant we had a shallow and fitful sleep.

The stillness and sense of calm was enough.  Sleep would come.


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