Bag Drop

What do you do in an airport with four hours to spare?

I am notorious for holding everyone up while I stuff last minute treasures into the suitcase which has been stowed in the car boot, in anticipation of a timely departure. Today was no different, sadly, but we did leave in time and enjoyed a leisurely drive up to the airport. Because the MOTH loathes queues he had checked-in on line. Just the bag drop and we were free to find a seat and enjoy the passing show. (Aren’t people the most interesting creatures? Airports and hospitals seem to be where we let loose with our emotions and displays of affection.)

Thankfully there isn’t a queue to bag drop but there was a hiccough. The MOTH’s carry on luggage needed to shed two kilos apparently. Not a happy MOTH. Now my bag is two kilos heavier.

Check in chick: Thank you., Sir, and Ma’m (I felt like the queen).
The MOTH: Unintelligible grunt. He’s annoyed.
Check in chick: Sir, Ma’m, are you aware the flight’s been delayed?
The MOTH: No!
Me, the Ma’m: Delayed for how long?
Check in chick: Um Ma’m … Three hours.
The MOTH loudly: Three hours!
Check our chick: Sir, you will have received notification by SMS and email.

It would not have occurred to my beloved to check either his mobile or email before heading out the door. As far as the MOTH is concerned the sole benefit of a mobile phone is as a tracking device when I’m “lost”.

Finding comfortable seats in which to spend the next three hours in an airport was not the kind of excitement we were looking for. To appease half a plane load of passengers, who apparently did not read their SMS messages or emails (tut, tut), we were given refreshment vouchers. The vouchers didn’t run to alcoholl which was a shame. A glass of pink bubbles for the Ma’m and a glass of shiraz for the battered MOTH wuld have done wonders to restore our flagging spirits.

We finally took off but half way to our destination we were informed the destination airport didn’t have space for us to land. Twenty minutes of circles in the air and we finally landed … three and a half hours later than scheduled. Never mind we’re ensconced in our hotel room and the Grand Prix is live on telly … MOTH nirvana. As for me, two cups of tea and a spot of blogging and all’s well with the world once more.

The upside of the delay was the ‘extra’ time to put together a post today.

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2 thoughts on “Bag Drop

  1. Plane travel times are never guaranteed are they! 😦
    My MOTH and I hate to be late, so we are always at least an hour ahead of any scheduled check-in time. Like you, we love to check out the crowd and the individuals. However, if there IS a delay, then we always have that extra time to wait. For both of us, the Kindle really comes in handy to pass the extra time, and I too often use it to write – sometimes the beginning of a blog post, sometimes a character outline, or sometimes just my mental meanderings at the time. 🙂


  2. Well, this does sound familiar: last minute luggage additions – but usually leaving a bit late because of those last bits and pieces (my fault – thankfully we haven’t missed a flight yet but we’ve had 2 or 3 close calls). Our last flight (only 2 hours in duration) was delayed by 1.5 hours but we were only told after we’d boarded, so that was quite annoying, especially that no extra refreshments were available. It is quite interesting that, in general, MOTHs tend to ignore their phone’s SMS and email facilities… This is precisely why I always quote MY mobile phone number when we book flights. 🙂


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