Pause to Play

Hello my name is Linda and it’s been five days since my last post …

QP (QueasyPeasy) hit the pause button recently which freed up time and head space to focus on activities that used to fill my evenings and spare moments before blogging.  For a few days I did little aside from read, catch up with correspondence and peruse the pile of unfinished projects.

Then I made a Birthday card for an 84 year old friend who regularly brings us wood that he has cleared from his property.  It helps to keep our fire burning on these cold Winter nights.

2014-08-08 22.03.39-1

The finishing touches were added to this quilt, now ready for overseas posting.

Tonty's Quilt

Then I sorted which photos to scrapbook.  The thing I enjoy about scrapbooking is that it is a combination of a few hobbies:  writing/journaling, photography and being creative in ‘building’ a memory page to visit again and again to relive happy times.

2014-08-09 19.46.04

The book by Nancy Cato, All theRivers Run, which was set on the Murray River here in Australia, at the beginning of the 1900s was a great read.  This read was to set the scene for our trip to the Murray River in two weeks’ time.  We (the MOTH and I) watched a few DVDs of old paddle boat steamers which showed a lot of the scenery we hope to see (and photograph).

Now it’s time to sate my appetite for ‘how to’ books and I’m in the early chapters of Susan Cain’s book: Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.  I’ve included a TED talk link which opens the window on why Susan Cain’s book is  my next read.  Her talk inspired me to delve a little deeper into what makes me tick, as an introvert.  I hope it isn’t filled with psychology and laboratory experiments.

Hitting the pause button has meant I have time to visit other bloggers and read longer pieces of writing.  I’m enjoying a story unfold day by day and find I’m looking forward to the next episode popping up in my WordPress Reader.  Comments on our posts are the encouragement that spur so many of us on to keep posting and improving our blogging skills.  The pause has allowed me to do that for others.


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