Day 17: Monday, 7 October 2013: Murramarang National Park: Pretty Beach

The “huckeries” (New Zealand slang for inconsiderate people) that had kept the whole campsite on high adrenaline last night with their noise, loud radio commentary of the AFL game, took most of the day to pack up and leave, much to the relief of those left. It rained in the morning clearing to blue skies. While waiting for the weather to clear we checked out the shops at Bawley Point to restock the pantry with ingredients for planned meals.

With the lunch dishes washed and the camp kitchen wiped down it was time to address the dwindling supply of clean clothes. Most campsites have industrial-size washing machines and the Maytag worked its magic on the pile of laundry. The laundry would dry quickly in the strong warm wind that was picking up pace. As we battled the wind to get the laundry pegged out a family of kangaroos watched lazily from the shelter of an enormous spotted gum tree.

The strong northerly winds stopped us from swimming as did the signs advising of strong sea undercurrents and rips. We walked to the end of Pretty Beach rock-hopping over to the next little bay before heading back to fold clean and dry clothes..

Our campsite was one of the largest in the campground with its own view to the bush. As we waited for the weather to clear we looked forward to exploring a few of the many bush walks in this area.

After dinner of yellow Thai chicken curry and noodles we curled up in our chairs: me to watch another episode of Game of Thrones and Basil to read his book. As the rain started again we are warm and snuggled up in bed with our books and listened to the pitter patter of rain on the canvas that increased to a downpour which lasted all night. With no campfires around or electric lights without the help of our camp headlights night time visibility would be zero.


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