She Would Have Been 115 and Conveyed by an Omnibus

Granny would have been 115 today. I can’t wish her happy birthday so instead I took a look back into history to see what public transport was like a century ago.

The horse-drawn carriages were known as omnibuses.  It makes me wish I had been born in those times.  How glamorous to be seen out and about in such a wondrous piece of craftsmanship.


“Clusters of people assembled on the routes waiting for buses at peak times; the clusters, in turn, collected pick pockets. The omnibuses were designed to carry 12 or 15 passengers, but since more travellers meant more fares, people were often squashed on board, again presenting opportunities for petty thieves.” (Quote).


The first motorised bus started conveying travellers about London about the time Granny was born.  A decade later it had all but replaced the commercial horse drawn carriages that were limited in the number of people they could carry.

Motorised omnibus

What a shame, I rather like the old horse drawn version.  I wonder what their carbon footprint would have been?



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