UBC 2014 – Across the Finishing Line

exhaustedA big shout out to those who have followed QueasyPeasy through July with the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  It has been a challenge and without your likes, comments and reads I would not have completed the challenge.

A few days ago I asked for feedback on how others pushed through difficult blogging times.  Here are their responses for which I am immeasurably grateful.  The kind and insightful comments were enough to get me across the finishing line and to take stock of where my blogging will go to from here.

From my friend the WangiWriter:

When I write a blog post, I want it to reflect my thinking on my own topics, and not to write just for the sake of posting daily. So I have been doing only 2 or 3 a week.
I’m not against daily posts in general, but it is a big commitment, and I have other activities that I see as of equal or greater importance. I have the first draft of my second novel to complete, and that was taking second place to my blogging. For the first time in many weeks I worked on that today and got a chapter done.

Candidpresence wrote:

I try and do at least two posts a week. I find with two I’m able to do all the other things which I really enjoy doing. When I did more it began to interfere with those things and blogging started to drain me and wasn’t a pleasure any more. Two posts a week – that works for me

Holley at Destino found that:

Sometimes I have to step away from the computer for awhile to focus on other stuff. I keep a journal handy to write down ideas or entire posts. 

These bloggers are far more experienced than I am so I am taking their advice.  One of the best things I have learned is that by listening to the experiences of others you need not make the mistakes from which they learned.  I am embracing their wisdom and running with it.

The end of the end


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