UBC 2014: Why?

Today I am reminding myself why I embarked on this journey through July with other mad participants of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

  1. I enjoy bloggingStop Denying I am not Perfect
  2. It is a stress buster and when I am tired it is a stress causer (which I don’t love)
  3.  Somewhere to record my ramblings, musings and air pet peeves
  4. Challenges me to be a better writer
  5. Gives me a voice
  6. Pressing the publish button is an orgasmic trigger that releases happy hormones
  7. My words won’t change public policy but I know this blog has had a positive impact on at least one person which makes it worthwhile
  8. Be read more widely
  9. Be part of a writing community
  10. It reminds me daily that I am not perfect, I am unique

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