When We Disregard Dignity We Create Conflict

Yesterday I mentioned how overwhelmed I feel when I listen to the disturbing events that continue to unfold across the globe.  The prayer of St Francis of Assisi teaches that everyone can make a difference and we don’t even have to leave home to start being the change.

It would be a big task to find any country that isn’t facing its own set of challenges, if in fact there is one.  Human suffering and tragedy is not the sole domain of war zones.  It doesn’t take weapons or violent acts to harm another person.  We can inflict shame and embarrassment without firing a gun but the impact can be as damaging as if our words were indeed bullets.

Recently I stumbled across a website that helped me understand one of the possible causes of conflict.  The founder of The Declaration of Dignity, Dr Donna Hicks holds that one of the reasons we have so much conflict in the world, communities, homes, relationships is because we fail to value or uphold each other’s dignity.

A poster [which is different from my shortened version at the foot of this post] in PDF format is available for download from The Declaration of Dignity website, and I plan to print and laminate it for my wall at work; maybe a second copy for home.  It is another reminder that we can guard and uphold each other’s dignity in so many ways.  Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity within the communities we live and work and socialise.  We also have a right to live in safety, be treated with respect and have our dignity upheld regardless of religious beliefs, colour, culture or circumstance.

I signed the Declaration of Dignity and you can do that here if you’d like to join me on this journey.

 Dignity is

3 thoughts on “When We Disregard Dignity We Create Conflict

    • We’re so busy doing life we forget that life is about people rather than things. Things don’t need validation, honouring or valuing although we seem to give them what they don’t need and forget to nurture those we ought to be caring about. Time to slow down I think 🙂


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