On the Train

Each time I find a seat in either the front or rear carriage on the train on a long trip I celebrate.  The peace to think and not have to listen to loud conversations makes the journey bearable.


The gentle sighs, tapping of keypads and the crinkle of newspapers is restful, surprisingly.  It has been a while since I’ve sat in this quietness and considered my surroundings.

One thought on “On the Train

  1. Lovely!
    We always travel in the quiet carriages when we go down to Sydney. It is very much more relaxing than the noise of loud conversations – personal or on the mobile phone, and the chattering, etc.
    I spend the two hours reading, watching the countryside – especially along the river and through the bush, and writing without being distracted by unwanted noise.
    As you say, restful. 🙂


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