Bullet Journal

On a night when there was nothing in the tank I resorted to researching the different ways in which we journal. I wanted to keep in with the week’s theme of journals and journalling, even if somewhat loosely. The internet is a labyrinth to get lost in and a time waster I might add. However, I came across a lot of interesting new information, as you do, amongst which was something called bullet journalling. It looked like a formula that could streamline the way I grouped information making it easier to find at a later date.

My work diary which can look like the draft for an abstract artwork seriously needs an intervention. A normal page has boxes, large speech bubbles and star burst each containing notes, important information or observations, things to do and feedback, appointment times and reschedules. It’s full of colour, contains zentangles (brain yoga for those tedious meeting times when the airspace is heavy with pontifications) and sometimes even direct quotes from particular people who double back on their decisions. It is generally a happy place, my work diary, and I visit often as the information, phone numbers and tasks need to be checked off or referred to. It is the only diary per se that I own, the other idea storage and writing places are journals.

My Bullet Symbols

Back to the bullet journal. I’ve been using the method for a month and like how easy it is to place the appropriate symbols alongside each piece of writing. The use of symbols helps to find information quickly and keep track of tasks. At the end of the week it is easy to identify which tasks need to be carried forward (which has its own indicator so you know that particular task is a week old).

It is taking time to make changes but I’ll keep persevering because it has already saved my bacon during the past weeks.  How you do you keep track of things you need to accomplish?


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