All It Takes …

It has been a flat day. It didn’t start out that way, but you know how it is when people are involved. So here we are in the middle of the week and what do we have?  Well we do have a theme: Journalling; and we do have a week: July week 3; and we do have a blogger: albeit a flat one. So folks,  can we make like Bob the Builder (Blowsy the Blogger) and do it ? Yes we can!

I received a phone call, tonight, from a person wanting to publish my book. MY BOOK? MY BOOK! Streuth, do I have a book?  Where is it?  Is it any good?  Do we print 30, 000 copies and how much would each copy retail for.  Is there a contract with some global publishing house?  Well … you know the answers to those questions.  But I haven’t lost heart because what I do have is a sheaf of papers.  A weary, edited, forlorn dogeared memoir in the draft phase of a metamorphosis. Is that a book?  The caller guaranteed that my book would be published which isn’t as clever as it sounds because I’ve been on those self-publishing websites.  Tell me if I’ve misjudged the smarts it would take to follow the instructions and come out with either an e-book or a hard copy of your opus magnum.  It looked pretty straight forward:  upload and send. So I wasn’t buying into the guarantee of my memoir being published. Shame really, because sometimes work is a drag.  Did I mention that it has been a harrowing kind of eight hours?

Which brings me back to the journal theme for this week. Why?  Because before I could start my life story I had to gather the memories, photos and do some research into aspects of the family.  All writing needs context and a life story is no different.  You might say that a life story provides its own context, maybe.  You can tell a story similar to a Janet and John grade one reader, or you can provide historic, cultural, geographic context.  How much more intriguing to read about an ancestor and learn something about their time and place in history.  And this is the juncture at which I fully embraced the journal to write down memories and thoughts, family history facts, dates, places and anecdotal evidences.  A bit of this and a bit of that all in one place from which to draw when the time was right … and the moon rose in its blue phase.

It strikes me that diaries, journals and blogging belong together just as good wine belongs alongside well, anything really.  Our early forays into writing are mostly cringe-worthy efforts when we dare to revisit them. However, I am heartened by the advice everywhere that the more one writes the better one becomes and I’m taking that on faith.   I figure there’s something to it though, because occasionally I’ll visit QP (QueasyPeasy) and find myself quite interested in some of the writing and content.  I have resisted the temptation to comment.

Well folks, that’s all from me tonight which means we have a wrap.  A theme, a week and a weary blogger.  How did we do?  Bottom line?  Start small and build.  Who knows maybe you’ll get the call to have someone guarantee your book will be published.


3 thoughts on “All It Takes …

  1. When does a book become a book, I wonder. Your memior seems to be further along than my novel…thing…story…bobber. (Technical term!) It is a lot of work writing, then editing, then editing, then editing a little more, and if you’re lucky, editing again, but it seems like it’d be worth it.
    Whether you do get a publishing house interested or decide to go along with the self publishing route, I’d be interested in reading your story.

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  2. Hello,
    I subscribed to your blog when I read your ‘snake’ story, so I had a nice surprise in my mailbox this morning.

    I do enjoy reading your posts, they are so engaging and easy flowing…I hope that ‘the more one writes, the better one becomes’ works in most cases, I am hoping it will work for my blog, too… 🙂

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