UBC 2014: Intro to Week 2

As part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month I am writing a post a day with a new theme for each week of July.  The first week’s theme was Encouragement (which you can catch up with here).  Encouragement is a powerful motivator yet we find it so difficult to come alongside one another in trying times.  I think part of the dilemma is that we get snagged between genuinely wanting to encourage someone and not wanting to appear fatuous, so we say nothing.

Authentic encouragement can be broken down into a few basic elements:

  1. Recognise the struggle
  2. Identify the things that have gone right, point out their strong points
  3. Be sincere
  4. Point out that their self-worth is not dependent on the success/failure:  we learn from both

So as we leave encouragement behind and move towards week two that has a pithy focus here’s a sneak peak at what is coming up

Brand New End Addiction Quote

Over the next while the posts will  focus on the work I am involved in with parents who are substance dependent.  In the line up is a case study of Bapp and Abena, which segues to a post about parentification; a piece on parental abuse (children abusing their parents) and then a reflection on a day with the social work student who is on work placement with our service.

I am certain that working with parents who are substance dependent is no different to counselling any other sector of the population.  Building trust and developing a good relationship (therapeutic alliance) is paramount to the success of any therapeutic relationship and to that end I’d like to present my take on Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET).  There are many therapies from which to chose but MET was developed for drug and alcohol workers.  Having studied many therapies I keep returning to MET and confess its philosophy resonates deeply.

I hope you’ll join me in the second week of July and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.




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