Intro to July 2014 … Ultimate Blog Challenge

Encouragement Front Post CollageI have always enjoyed playing with words, their sounds and meanings and how some of them evoke memories that take my mind to other countries, continents or places in childhood.  They are exciting and vibrant and how we string them together provides a clue to our personality and the way we tick.  We hear someone’s voice both with our ears as well as in our mind.  How often have you received a letter (okay, email) or card and could hear the sender’s voice simply by the way they express themselves.

Blogging is a way to express ourselves in numerous ways.  Some of us in short bursts while others can sit and write an academic piece in one go.  For me, being able to tap out a post each day has been a challenge but I have to say that practice is making it easier – the perfect part is a long way off!  I used to wish I had the commitment to set aside time regularly to write, now I wish I could carry a theme for more than one or two posts.

Blogging Snoopy

With the accountability of blogging challenges writing has become a daily must.  I even find myself thinking:  I could blog about that; ooohh perfect photo for that post; so much history in that building.  In short my focus has shifted from simply observing life to looking for things to share on my blog.  I have to tell you that blogging has kept me mindful of what is happening in and around my persona.

You can read all about the Ultimate Blog Challenge here but in a nutshell:

  1. post something to your blog each day in July
  2. share you post of Facebook and/or Twitter
  3. read, comment and share other’s posts
  4. repeat each day of the month

I can commit to 1, 2 and 4 easily but I don’t do Facebook or Twitter.

I’m blaming QP’s (QueasyPeasy) mojo for the drop in postings in June.  It’s cold here and the warmth of the fire doesn’t creep up into the study.  So I think QP’s mojo has relocated fireside which I hope has been enough to defrost my creative muse because in two days time the Ultimate Blog Challenge kicks off.

I’m going things differently this challenge.  Instead of posting random pieces I’ve set five topics, one for each week in July.  Five posts relating to the weekly topic with some free writing at the weekends which I’ll post as part of the challenge.

Week 1:  Encouragement

Week 2:  Some interesting things about my work as a drug and alcohol outreach counsellor (identifying characteristics and names have been altered for obvious reasons)

Week 3:  Journalling

Week 4:  Memory

Week 5:  To be advised (any ideas would be appreciated)

Why would anyone with a full time job be crazy enough to commit to thirty one days of blogging?  Well, at the end of November I rounded off a month’s worth of postings by responding to the challenge’s final prompt … and my reasons to once again pick up the baton have not changed.




9 thoughts on “Intro to July 2014 … Ultimate Blog Challenge

  1. Wow, glad to have you participating in this. This is my first attempt at UBC – Hurricane task it seems at the moment.
    Hoping to make it till the end. Will be glad to catch up with yours posts. Thanks for structuring it so well – now i hav an idea of how your blog posts wud flow.
    All the best ..


    • Hi there, thanx for the visit and I’m pleased to have another newly to this particular challenge along for the ride through July. If you leave me the link to your blog I’ll be sure and check it out. I couldn’t get there using the name or icon/gravatar thing-a-ma-jiggy.


  2. I fully intended to do the Challenge, and even registered for it. However, things haven’t worked out as hoped. I’m having a lot of trouble with tiredness, lack of concentration and memory problems (having tests this week), and can barely make it through my regular commitments without taking on another. :-(.
    Then I got a call to go to Queensland to look after my two older grandsons, as their mum had to go to Mayaysia. Her grandmother looks to be close to the end, and she’s always been special to my d-i-l. So I’ll be away for a week as well, though my son is taking time off this week (the boys are on school holidays).
    I will be eagerly following your posts though, as I really enjoy them – both the topics and the way you write. Good luck with it all. I’ll be commenting when I can. 🙂
    P.S. Where did the ‘Like’ button go to under your blog entry?


    • Dear Linda, life gets in the way so often and I hear your distress. So pleased you’ll be joining the journey through July, I’ll be endeavouring to make it worthwhile for all you faithful peeps who visit regularly and comment so encouragingly. I will be thinking of you and sending you love and hugs for the time you’re away … and the good news is that when you’re back up and running there’ll be another blogging challenge for you to take on 🙂


    • Thank you it would be great to have your company. Am trying to do shorter posts for this challenge but that in itself is a challenge! Some of us have too much to say huh!


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