Visiting the Big Smoke

There are places of which we never tire seeing or visiting again and again. Sydney does it for me!  Totally!

It’s vibrant heartbeat and constant state of alertness is energising.


Standing at Circular Quay looking across to the Sydney Harbour Bridge will always fill me with awe.

Construction of this incredible engineering achievement took six years and was opened 19th March, 1932.


Interesting facts about the bridge, sometimes referred to as The Coathangar.

  • 1, 400 workers were involved in the construction of this landmark feature of Sydney Harbour
  • 6, 000, 000 rivets were hand-popped in its construction
  • 95, 000 cubic metres of concrete were poured in its construction


  • 17, 000 metres of granite facings were fixed to the pylon and pier facings
  • 272,000 litres of ain’t were used
  • in 1950 32,000 vehicles crossed the bridge each day


  • The initial toll was 6 pence (5 cents) for a vehicle and 3 pence (2 cents) for a horse and rider
  • it is the centre piece of the New Years fireworks display to which tens of thousands flock each year and millions watch in the comfort of their homes on the telly.

Is there a favourite place you visit of which you feel you will never grow tired?


6 thoughts on “Visiting the Big Smoke

  1. We too love to go to Sydney. A two-hour trip on the train through lovely bushland and the northern suburbs, then change trains from regional onto City Circle and get off at Circular Quay. From there, we walk the area around The Rocks, the old wharves area that have been done up (and where much of the Sydney Writers’ Festival was held). These areas around the Harbour are my favourite places, with lots of history.
    One day, we will actually catch a ferry at Circular Quay and head to Manly (I’ve never been there), or to Taronga Park Zoo, or somewhere else. 🙂 I’d love to do the Bridge Walk, up and over the coat-hanger, but not sure if we’d make it now.
    Great photo of the Bridge, Linda! 🙂


    • There is so much to see and do Linda and for you to look forward to. Some days we’ve been over to Manly for lunch there have been people who do those amazing sand sculptures. Don’t think I’d be up for the bridge walk – just too much height for this old bird 🙂

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