Enough Already!

Do you think you get “enough” comments? What constitutes “enough”?

In a post that looked back over a month of posting each day I reflected on why we blog (read full post):

  1. Is it to nurture a creative potential
  2. Rant, unwind and vent anything and everything that annoys us during the day
  3. Is it to grow an audience
  4. It is for the simple love of writing
  5. Is it because we want to raise awareness on a particular issue

These points are posed as questions yet they are all valid reasons when we write for an audience greater than one.

So what constitutes ‘enough’?  Blogging is voluntary; reading a blog is voluntary; ergo – leaving a comment is voluntary.  If the sole reason to write is to increase site statistics, likes and followers then there will never be enough comments  because we’ve been hooked into the marketing gig.  The success of our marketing strategies is measured in followers, views, clicks and likes, and comments of course.

Writing Tools

In the marketing world “enough” is the bottom line and what we’re actually creating is a blog so full of comments our readers lose sight of the piece that inspired the comments.  Is that really what it’s all about?  I don’t think so.  And come on, if we’re honest, who actually reads 169 comments on a post?  Most visitors will browse the ten or eleven comments and think of contributing to the conversation.  I’m losing interest after the first three or four, especially if the commentators are known to each other … and then it starts to look and sound like a Facebook feed?

I feel QueasyPeasy (QP) could do with a few more comments but because I’m not stalking the stats I’d rather be writing than chasing the next follower or like.  A friend recently reblogged one of QP’s posts (The Power of Appreciation) and on her site – which is always worth a visit (WangiWriter) – one of her followers felt that QP’s blog was ‘a very good blog’.  In light of his comment I feel QP deserves a few more comments.

Those who visit and are moved to comment, make my day – sometimes even move me to do the happy dance!  More than likely I’ll take a gander at their bog to see what they’re up to.  Even if followers don’t comment I’ll potter on over for a visit, well … just because I’m a good neighbour and I enjoy seeing what others in the ‘hood are up to.

Does your blog receive the number of comments it deserves?



17 thoughts on “Enough Already!

  1. Always so much to take in. Comments seem to be the second phase. I like to focus on the connection to the words. I suppose even on-line, it takes awhile to build a community.


  2. Hello QP, firstly, thanks for all your visits to my blog 🙂 I do agree that comments usually make my day and gives me the urge to do a happy dance too. But to be very honest, I write for myself. I write to tell my stories and my experiences. I like visitors too but I don’t write to gather popularism. I don’t really check the visitors, I just love hearing from my blog friends. My theory is that it’s better to have a few good regulars friends that I can relate to than random ‘passer-bys’. I love my blog friends and their comments, i love their catching up on their blogs. I too read it in the morning, but with my coffee (brain doesn’t function otherwise!) it perks up my start of the day! Like you did today xo


  3. Hi QP. I’m a new visitor to your blog!
    Some thought-provoking points here.

    I like to visit blogs and leave a comment.
    Having said that, I believe that generic comments MAY (in some cases) be a way for the commenter to get return visits, and thereby boost site stats, increase followers etc.
    In other cases there are bloggers who just don’t know how to comment (especially the shy lurkers…), so they pop in, read the content and then pop out.
    Writer In Transit


    • Welcome Michelle, than for the visit and comment. I do understand that sometimes it is difficult to know what to comment. For me those times are usually first thing in the morning when I’m having breakfast and checking out my notifications – before that first coffee! I hope you’ll become a regular around here. Will be popping over for a return visit soon.


  4. I don’t comment more out of laziness. I enjoy reading your blog on my emails, but then if I want to leave a comment, it redirects me to the actual page. Yes I know this takes only a second, but I am lazy! Keep up the good work, I love your blog!


  5. While I enjoy comments, I’ve never tried setting a goal. That’s probably why I’ve never agonized over the issue. I do keep an eye on stats, but that’s more to see if I can decipher which topics capture the searcher’s interest.
    I also get entertainment out of seeing how people get to my blogs. Some keywords are so off the wall.


    • Unfortunately the posts from which I get the most comments aren’t the ones (I write) that make me laugh the most. Silly, I know but then I’m a simple soul. Every now and again a rude word slips into my post and then the hits spike. How sad 😦


  6. When I first started blogging I loved it when people (whom I didn’t even know) left me a comment. And once or twice I have stalked the stats to see how many page views I have had. I am astounded by the numbers sometimes because there sure aren’t that many comments. So I think people come and look around and leave. That is something I don’t understand. At least leave me a note and let me know you stopped by. You wouldn’t some in my house and look around and leave without saying hello! But I stopped caring if others were visiting (oh I still care!) and leaving comments. I write for myself. It relieves a lot of angst and allows me to vent about things that are out of my control. I also can share things that are important to me. Now I hope you can do ‘the happy dance”….I really do enjoy your blog



    • Hey Paula, I have a few visitors who do the same. Maybe they’re speechless by the awesome content words just fail them! They could click the like button, you’d think, huh! Thank you for the kind words too.


  7. I agree that not everyone reads every comment on someone else page, I know I don’t. I think most people “like” a post without even reading it in hopes that person will follow their blog to improve their stats. Don’t get me wrong I am happy every time Joewriteshiswrongs gets a like, comment, follower. I try to brows through blogs as much as I can and you can always tell who actually enjoys your blog and who just adds you for another follower gain by how active they are on your page. The ones who visit Joewriteshiswrongs often I visit their pages as well. I can say Joewriteshiswrongs receives a good amount of comments depending on the post. It is an interesting blog. Good post! -Jen (The other half of Joewriteshiswrongs)


    • Hi Jen, I agree with you sometimes you wonder whether visitors are actually listening or simply eavesdropping in order to promote their blog. Maybe it’s is one more way to get attention, if that is what we’re striving for. It must be difficult running a blog on someone’s behalf. I imagine it would take a lot more energy than simply posting your own writing and thoughts. Thanx for the visit.

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