Drop and Run: Leaving a Comment

After you leave a comment, do you go back to check and see if people responded to your comment? Why or why not?

Posting so late in the piece I have the benefit of having seen other bloggers’ responses to this prompt. There are a mix of responses from ‘no never’ to ‘I don’t know how to go back and find the blogs I’ve left comments on’.

This is a hard one for me as I tend to ‘stay close to home’ with my comments, by which I mean I visit those who either follow or visit QueasyPeasy (QP). Even when I completely agree with and admire what someone has written I find it difficult to comment if I don’t know them. Begging your pardon, I’m an introvert. I’m more likely to click the like button which for me says (quietly) – hello! I’ll also leave a ‘hello’ if I have nothing to add to the conversation because someone else has read my mind.

WordPress has a nifty gizmo (notifications) that keeps me up to date with initial comments and then comments to comments. Thankfully it does the hard work for me, which gives me time to visit or write. Thank you WordPress, I appreciate your thoughtfulness towards us (wannabe) wordsmiths. If it was up to me I wouldn’t go back to check; shame on me!



13 thoughts on “Drop and Run: Leaving a Comment

  1. It’s one of the best features of WordPress. I love the notification button and the ‘blogs I follow’ tab in my reader. I try to support the people I follow and I read a lot of blogs. These features have helped me out tremendously.


  2. I go back to the blogs that I read on a daily basis and read their replies otherwise it is just too hard. I blog at blogger and some of the other blogs are hard to see what people have to reply to. If I clicked every box that notified me of follow-up comments my email would explode


    • Oh dear Paula, I’ve just done the tick the email me box which sounds like it wasn’t such a good idea now! There is one person who leaves comments on my blog but I can’t find a link to go visit her. Which brings me to realising that other platforms may not be as user-friendly as WordPress from where I blog.


  3. I’m with you, WordPress makes it easy to follow comments, so I can reply to a reply of a reply. Otherwise, I follow so many blogs I’d never be able to keep up with every comment I leave.


    • I’m interested Jennie when you say you follow many blogs. How do you get around them all? Even with WordPress’ Reader keeping up with our follows and then comments is labour intensive. I could give up work … now there’s a happy thought, if only!


      • It isn’t easy, but I try to dedicate some time each day to different blogs. I don’t always comment but I try to. Then again, like you, if I could quit my day job, I’d have more time to read blogs and work on mine. 😉


  4. It has been hard for me as well to make comments on others blogs but I understand how important it is. I had another blog before the one that I have now and failed miserably at it. The one thing that I did learn though was how exciting it was to get my first comment. It reminded me of getting a letter in the old fashioned mail box from someone who perhaps may not have known me but wanted to get to know me. I still have that excitement with leaving a reply or receiving one. It’s exciting for me, an introvert to reach out and connect with others.

    Enjoy the day


    • Ah hello fellow Introvert (did you notice the capital “I” – because we’re a special breed) and welcome to my pozzie in blogosphere. Keeping an eye on the comments is rewarding as we get feedback on our thoughts and an opportunity to interact with others in a quiet introvert kind of way. Thanx for the follow 🙂

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