Who Owns the Comments

This month’s theme of Comments has me on the back foot.  Some of the blogs I visit regularly have followers who totally engage in the conversation initiated by the author; the comments are as interesting and though provoking as the actual post.  Other comment sections remind me of a Facebook exchange peppered with LOLs, ROFLs, smiley faces (of which I am guilty – at least they are at the end of any comment I make) or a two or three word comment.  Can you comment in two or three words?

In response to a NaBloPoMo prompt for this month the author of Alphabet Salad wrote that her blog is the equivalent of her on-line home which I thought was sheer genius, because of course that is precisely what a blog is.  It is where we hang out, let our thoughts roam free, allow others to drop in and visit and engage in conversation as we build our readership.  I’ve provided the link to Laurel’s post, please head on over and read the whole post.

Blogging Snoopy

QueasyPeasy was created to provide an incentive to free write in short spurts as there something empowering about seeing your work  on-line and publicly.  The fact we blog gives others the right to visit our blog and comment as they feel appropriate.

It’s not too different to hosting a dinner party.  The hostess provides the venue, the meal and if she’s been raised between the 50s and 70s she understands her obligation to keep the conversation from veering into choppy waters.  The etiquette books that sat on my mother’s bedside table suggested topics of conversation and how to deal with guests who dominated the conversation, became too loud or boisterous.  As the bog hostess I have similar obligations and I have similar expectations of my blog visitors.

Always Responsible

QueasyPeasy is my cubby in the blogosphere and I encourage visitors to participate in the conversation.  So far comments have been supportive and appreciated.  Fortunately I have not had any inappropriate or rude comments – yet –  if I did I would have no hesitation in moderating them off my blog.  I welcome comments and indeed look forward to healthy discussion but I wouldn’t hesitate to delete offensive remarks.  Overly assertive or aggressive comments may cause others to feel threatened, not to mention the impact on owner of the blog.  I would not hesitate to moderate any Facebook-like comments; the ones that may be personal or contain inappropriate messages.

Bottom line:  it may well be someone’s comment but it’s on my blog.  Certainly others are free to make comment and doing so in an appropriate way enriches the conversation.

One line answers to a writing prompt defeat their purpose but I couldn’t come up with anything more inspiring for the first days’ prompts.  So here are QP’s short answers to those days’ questions:

  1. QP does not have commenting guidelines and probably never will
  2. Once comments are on QP’s blog they are owned by QP
  3. As yet no comments have been removed but they may be one day
  4. I’d read any blog that piqued my interest.  If there is no opportunity to comment and I had an itch to say something, I’d use it as an opportunity to write a post.  Life’s too short to twist oneself into a pretzel over a closed comment section

So now I’m all caught up and looking forward to the weekend to write about the happy times we had on holiday recently.

Do you tolerate all comments regardless of their tone or message?


5 thoughts on “Who Owns the Comments

  1. Now I feel bad for my smiley reply. 😉 I couldn’t think of anything to say!
    You do bring up many good points, though.
    However, I don’t tolerate certain comments: trolls, hate speech or personal attacks. After being stalked and bullied at different times in my life, I’ve learned to cut it off as soon as I see it happening again. I can deal with pretty much anything else, though.

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  2. I haven’t received any comments that upset me. But I do encourage back and forth conversation style on my blog. And I always respond to those who leave a comment. I haven’t yet figured out, on the blogs that I read, how to go back and follow up my comments without clicking the little box that notifies me of follow-up comments. The problem with that is some bloggers get hundred of comments and then my email box explodes. I usually only want to see what the reply to my own reply was. Unless it is a really thought provoking conversation…you know the kind that I mean?

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    • I have wondered that too Paula. I get a notification when someone has commented initially so I can respond. The comments’ section of my blog’s dashboard helps me in this regard. Thanks for the visit … if you get to see my reply!


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