Auckland’s Viaduct Region

Recently we returned ‘home’ to New Zealand for a family wedding in Auckland. Not being partial to large cities, and having used Auckland as somewhere to fly in and out of, we were completely ambushed by this city on our recent visit.

The family stayed within walking distance from each other, at various apartments around Auckland’s Viaduct region. This is an area that Aucklanders had previously skirted around because of its dilapidated state bearing witness to the demise of a range of commercial and industrial endeavours like timber milling, boat building and fishing. However, we fell in love with what this area has morphed into as a result of New Zealand having hosted the America’s Cup in 2000.

It is now known as the Viaduct Harbour and owes its ‘must-do status’ to its redevelopment into a playground for yachting competitors and fans of the millennial America’s Cup. That is has been described as ” gem in the crown of New Zealand’s biggest city” is a testimony to the souls who with vision and excellence have forever changed the face of Auckland. Their endeavours stand as a memorial to the Kiwi spirit of ingenuity.

The world-class restaurants, cafes and bars on the water’s edge offer a place to assuage the hunger pangs as well as celebrate culinary diversity. There is a lot to please the eye as well, from the panoramic marina vistas, the millionaire’s shopping dream for that next nautical purchase, to the bold and beautiful strutting their sassy stuff while hiding behind blinged-up sun glasses and sporting the latest fashion. The Viaduct Basin seems to have it all.

We loved it. Three days were not enough. We could have played all week and still not been ready to leave.



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