The Act of Writing

Do you feel nourished or drained  by the act of writing?

During the month of May the NaBloPoMo daily prompts have encouraged participants to delve into the many ways we nourish ourselves.  The prompts have been one more way to evaluate how we nurture ourselves in the ever-increasing rush of life in the 21st century.  It isn’t easy to keep pace with life’s expectations not to mention family, work and financial obligations.  So in the midst of the pressure it has been a journey, using the prompts, to remind ourselves that we do need to be nurtured, by others and by ourselves.

In yesterday’s blog I looked at a number of ways I recharge weary emotions in physical and creative ways.  It reminded me to revisit some of those activities which have been pushed to the back of the cupboard in favour of less nurturing activities.

From an early age writing has brought me pleasure and provided an outlet while journeying through difficult situations and relationships.  Today’s preferred modality of writing is electronic creativity although I still feel that sitting with pen and paper raises the bar … especially if words line the pages!  I like seeing my handwriting move across the page at speeds reflective of my mood or the topic at hand.  Revisiting those pages it is easy to gauge the mood at the time of writing and track the mood changes from the start over to the finish.

More recently having these prompts as a focal point do take me away from the things that clutter my mind and cause me anxiety.  Since November, when I became serious about blogging, as the month’s prompts have been posted I’ve frequently wondered what I would find to write about; yet every month I’ve surprised myself.  Writing nourishes me on many levels simultaneously providing satisfaction and achievement.

I am grateful for the world of bloggers who provide an audience as well as the opportunity to improve how I blog through WordPress workshops like Blogging 201 (Branding and Growth) which challenged over 1, 000 bloggers to examine and then spruce up their blogs.  I took part in Blogging 201 because while I like writing:  playing with words and crafting sentences, I like that my creativity is reflected in my web log’s appearance.



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