Nourish Me

What do you do to nourish yourself apart from food?

It took a few moments to do the disconnect from food as a way of nurture and think about the other ways to unwind. In no particular order here are some of my favourite ways to shake the dust of the daily grind.

1. Some birthdays ago I asked the MOTH (Man of the House) for a bicycle. The wind in my hair, well the wisps that escape from under the helmet, and the fresh feel of rushing air on my skin is exhilarating. The cycle ways around the towns near our home all have fantastic views around beautiful Lake Macquarie and that increases the pleasure of exercise at the same time enjoying the natural beauty of our home towns.
2. Setting time aside to be creative in so many ways feeds my need to be productive other than work. Creativity for me is about scrapbooking, digital photography, quilting, hand-writing letters (with my bright yellow fountain pen), making cards using the resources in my craft room.
3. Time with friends definitely tops up the emotional bank account. It hasn’t always been this way and it was difficult to cease pursuing those friendships that drained rather than lifted me. I speak to my clients a lot about deciding if people are ‘rocks’ or ‘balloons’ – you get the picture, yet all too frequently my balloon would fail to launch in the company of some folk, or worse deflate completely.
4. I joined the gym for the second time some months ago and the three weekly visits have been a good way to expend the build up of the day’s toxic energy. Working out with a combo of cardio and weights changes my attitude quickly not to mention lifting my mood. How could you not feel totally spoiled and refreshed after a good sweat up followed by a steaming hot shower and then putting on a fresh set of clothes.
5. Travel nourishes me but only when we are in one place long enough to unwind and enjoy our surroundings. All too often we are here, there and everywhere in an exhausted dash to fit in as much as we can in a limited time. At Christmas time we found a campsite and remained there for the whole week. I wrote, read, swam, walked and did coffee.
6. Ocean swimming has to be one of my favourite activities as well as being a way to reconnect with nature. Whether it is being supported in the gentle swell of an ocean bay or straining against the pounding surf the feeling the gritty sand underfoot is rejuvenating.



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