Eating Out

How often do you eat a meal from a restaurant?  How do you decide when to cook and when to eat out?

Have you met couples who were either choosing not to have children or have decided to have children but have rigid ideas about how the children will slot into their lives?  I’m sure we’ve all had those conversations or been party to the discussion.  We were such a couple but we soon changed our view of how we were going to be able to do life with a tiny person in the house.  

Before the children came along we went out each Friday night after work as part of the weekend wind down.  Our favourite place to eat was a small hole-in-the-wll French restaurant in the main street of our town which was a quarter the size it is today.  The weekly outings became fortnightly, then monthly and when parental exhaustion set in they ceased altogether.

Now that we are childless once more since the young ones have flown the coup we have tried to regain our coupleship by taking time to eat out.  We have moved country and while we all speak English, the culture, and therefore the food, is quite different from what we were used to.   We would love to eat out every week but the choice of good eateries in our region is sadly very poor.  Eating out used to be a process of deciding what we ‘felt like’ eating, choosing from a good range of restaurants and then spending time together over a meal better prepared and cooked than we could make at home.  That is no longer the way it is.

The MOTH (Man of the House) cooks fancy food and I cook the comfort food, bake and prepare desserts, which means we have a vast range of cuisine covered.  When we go out we expect to have a fancier meal, for which we are paying, than we could make ourselves.  So we tend to stay home and cook ourselves, rarely eating out anymore.  The times we do venture out is to spend time with friends and then the focus is the friendship and conversation rather than being gastronomically wowed!

How about you, what are your favourite foodie haunts when you’re out on the town?


5 thoughts on “Eating Out

  1. Newcastle just doesn’t have the variety of restaurants. There are several good places, but spread far and wide. I recently visited Canberra and stayed with my good friend. She lives out of the city, but despite this at her local shops we had the choice of Indian, Thai, Chinese and our selection for the night – the Soul Food Cafe with New Orleans cooking. I don’t miss the cold weather of Canberra but I do miss the restaurants!

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  2. Lucky you to have two cooks in the house! Between us, we only have half a one (me). I don’t like cooking, and would take any opportunity to eat out – if we could. Unfortunately, it is just too expensive, so we only eat out when getting together with friends, and that isn’t very often.
    So we just have to put up with my average,reasonably adequate, but generally quite healthy meals.


    • Aw Linda, you’ve nourished five lads through childhood, adolescence and into their young adult years and beyond. In my book that’s a pretty hefty high five for you. But I do agree that eating out is expensive and now it is more about nurturing friendships. I think I do more coffees than meals out nowadays.


  3. I find eating out just so expensive at the moment, as a mum to a 5-year old it just doesn’t come far enough up the priority list at the moment. Maybe once she’s flown the nest, it’ll happen again!

    Also, as a vegetarian I find the options in standard restaurants still disappointingly dull so I tend to seek out specialist vegetarian restaurants when I do.


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