Eating Unhealthy

What makes you eat something unhealthy?

The only honest response to this prompt is to tell you about my day.  Let me preface this post with a heads up:  this is not how I normally eat and only happens when … well I’ll let you read when and why.

The MOTH (man of the house) had a 5.15am start to the day which means I did too.  Rather than lay in bed I went to the gym (whoa).  The early morning temperatures were bearable and there was no frost or heavy dew, a pleasant morning.

My membership permits 24/7 worldwide access to any of the ATF gyms, and I am fortunate to live in a city that has an ATF gym in just about every suburb.  This is handy with the type of work I do in the community.  I can attend a gym and spend an hour or so working out if a client needs to cancel.  This morning’s workout was focussed and I left having showered at the gym and headed in to work feeling on top of the world.

Blue Face

So the day started well and may have had a quite different outcome had I had breakfast!  Never mind, for Mother’s Day, my first client had been given a large jar of Roses chocolatesCadbury Roses chocolates (are they not everyone’s favourite chockies) which she ceremoniously placed next to my coffee.  It’s not often we’re treated so royally so when we are, it’s a surprise.  The coffee tasted even more glorious after a chocolate.  I like the square toffee ones in the silver wrapper with the orange roses.  Believe me, it was my intent to have one but my client, we’ll call her Cindy (not her real name), wasn’t having a bar of it.  She lined one of each variety on the table next to my mug.  I gave it my best but only managed three before the red flag fluttered in my head.  However, Cindy was insistent I take the remaining four chocolates ‘to enjoy over the rest of the day’ (yeah right, as if).  By the time I arrived at the next client the four wrappers lay in the car rubbish bin. Some people dream about chocolate for breakfast.

Sheila (not her real name) greeted me with another coffee and biscuits which I managed to resist as I was starting to feel the unpleasant effects of seven chocolates.  The coffee was lovely and I hoped the chocolates and caffeine would hold me until I could dash into a cafe and get a halfway healthy lunch, which I did when I left her. I hoped I’d have enough time before Nick (again not his real name) arrived … he was on the doorstep to greet me.

Me 4

Nick made coffee while I gathered papers and resources for our time together.  Our session overran; he was talkative so I let him go.  By the time it was 2.45pm I had fifteen minutes to get to the next appointment three suburbs away.  When Nick left, I retrieved my fruit from the fridge where I noticed two boxes of Turkish chocolates (my boss has just returned from six weeks’ overseas travel).  Yep, you guessed it with blood sugars as low as mine were, the temptation was too much … one is never enough and two is too many, but what can I say.

I was meeting the next client at Maccas.  It was a short visit as Helen (not her real name) has been in the maintenance stage of recovery, which means she’s been abstinent from all drugs an alcohol for more than six months. Our catch up was to touch base and offer whatever support or links with appropriate services I could and have a chat about whatever was on her mind – which was working at full tilt!  We finished at 4pm.

The salad had been in the car, in the sun, for an hour.  It looked more limp than I felt.  Honestly, who could eat something looking that desperate?  Which bring me back to the prompt: what makes me eat unhealthy.  Simple:

When we fail to plan

We plan to fail 

Because the MOTH was away for the day (and he usually spoils me by making lunch) I did not leave enough time to prepare a healthy salad for lunch.  And look what happened!  The MOTH’s home now which means tomorrow I’ll be back on track.



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