Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning!

If I could have dinner with one celebrity chef whom would it be?

So why would I actually want to have dinner with a celebrity chef ?  This isn’t something I’d considered before this week’s prompt so it took a while (like a whole day) to figure it out.  I asked this question because initially it was the more recent chefs that came to mind.

Gordon Ramsay – badass dude, no way, his cussing and rude attitude would curdle the creme brûlée.  Jamie Oliver – nope,  he jumps about like he has a attention deficit disorder and surely would give myself and the other guests indigestion.  What about Nigella then?  Not her either.  I enjoy good conversation and I’d be worried about her turning the vegetables into salacious salads and then being so crack-dreamy about her creation she would add little conversational value to the dinner.

Who then?  When thinking about dinner guests and whom to invite there are essential ingredients to ensure  a good evening for guests:

  • Personalities must be compatible
  • Variety of characters to add elements of surprise to other guests
  • Capable of initiating and contributing to dinner conversation; be good listeners and respecters of other’s air space – monologues and/or grandstanding free zone!
  • Enjoy good nutritious food:  meat and three veg rarely make it to my table

Therefore, my pick would be one of New Zealand’s favourite radio personalities – Aunt Daisy.  For more than a quarter of a century she greeted listeners to her segment with the now iconic:

Good morning! Good morning!  Good morning!

Her optimism and ability to find blue skies above any cloudy day are what made her such a joy to listen to.  Her recipes were down to earth and could be created with ingredients even the poorest pantry would be sure to have.  Apart from which she looks like a good old dame and I’m sure she would have been a wonderful contributor to table talk.


The picture on the cookbook cover makes me feel she would as happy to chat about how to clean the family silver as she would about why sponge cakes sometimes erupt like volcanos, or sink in the middle.  I imagine her peppering the evening with anecdotes from her radio series, the other celebrities that were part of the show as well as imparting some practical tips on cooking and life in general.

love bake nourish

I would have no fear of her scoffing at my attempt to cook for her, she was too much of a lady to behave other than impeccably.  I would also feel comfortable gleaning tidbits of wisdom from her years of radio celebrity status combined with the art of cookery.

After all to have lasted twenty-five years on the radio and still be adored when the last show aired she must have been a grand old dame.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning!

  1. I love this post, Linda! Having never had any desire to even watch any cooking show, let alone one with a celebrity, I love the way you turn it around to bring back the essentials of good company.
    I don’t know this Aunt Daisy from NZ radio, but I’m also sure I would be much more comfortable with her than with any of those big-heads that I see on promos for their shows. 🙂


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