Different Food and My Personal Chef

Tell us how you wish you ate if it’s different from your day-to-day reality.

Would you ever want a personal chef, or do you enjoy cooking your own meals?

It’s Autumn here down under and today was my scarf’s first outing.  It has turned cooler over the last few days letting us know that Winter is two short weeks away.  In the cooler months light meals do not satisfy the appetite and sometimes I wake up with my head in the fridge looking for a smackeral of something more.

Pooh Bear and Honey Pot

We were blessed with a move to this country eleven years ago where fortunately Winter only lasts for three months. That is a good thing because we are outdoors, lying-in-the-sun-lizard type of people so we get nearly nine months of outdoors’ weather.  The other good thing about three months of Winter is that it is only twelve weeks of comfort food.  The different type of food we eat to keep our bodies well fuelled in cooler months tends to be heavier with more meat and starch.

The falling barometer sent me scurrying to the grocery store with a list of ingredients for soup, Goulash Soup.  The kitchen is no longer my  domain and one I happily relinquished to the MOTH (man of the house) many years ago.  There are not many of us gals that can boast a personal chef but I am one of them, and I am one grateful lady.  However, when I am able to fight my way into the kitchen, I enjoy cooking up a storm which is what I did yesterday.  It meant we had beautiful homemade Goulash Soup for lunch which filled our tummies and made us happy!  The pot was large enough which means there is enough frozen for the next few weekend lunches.  OMG is good, well prepared, yummy food not one of the best things about being alive?  Please note I said one of the best things.

I’ll be with her at the end of Winter … at the gym doing sit ups

When we’re not eating the usual Summertime fare of fresh crisp salads that are light, we are nourishing ourselves with soups, casseroles, pot roasts, corned beef, chilli con carne, Bolognese, Thai curries and Indian curries.  I also take soup or leftovers to work for lunches.  I have a food pot which is something of an essential as I work in the community which means lunch is snatched in between client visits.  Having something warm and tasty on cold days keeps me going; nourishing body and soul with full-bodied flavours.



2 thoughts on “Different Food and My Personal Chef

  1. Hi Paula, the Goulash Soup is to die for so I will try and remember to post it for y’all to make and nourish yourselves with. Maybe I can make a post out of it 🙂


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