Grapes and Liquorice Allsorts

Welcome to May only 236 days until Christmas and how that will fly past.  Before we know it we’ll be matching up the items in our sales’ stash to members of our family and looking for that special something for the men in our lives.  How hard are they to buy for!  What does the good book say about worry: don’t worry about tomorrow which comes soon enough; live in today which carries enough to be dealing with.  Good advice, and so to today’s post.

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The month’s theme is NOURISH and we’ll be unpacking all aspects of nourish over the next however many days.  The idea is that we post our response to each day’s prompt over the work week and we take the weekends away from the challenge.  The prompt for 1st May was:

Tell us how you eat: do you sit down to three meals, eat several small meals, or grab a granola bar on the run?

Thank goodness my eating habits have changed over the years from being someone who ate to live, which means I ate when hungry and grabbed whatever was easiest and cheapest.  Without my parents to quiz me about lunch I slumped to an all time low in the nourishment stakes.

Breakfast was a bowl of muesli.  Back then we didn’t have the toasted variety it was rolled oats, a few pieces of dried fruit chopped coarsely, coconut flakes, mixed nuts actually it was proper Bircher Meusli.  It  was very much a trendy new fad which went on to gain a place of honour on breakfast menus the world over.  Lunch was a different story and dinner was an egg on toast with baked beans on the side.  As you can see my ideas around nutrition were a rebellious response to the wonderful food dished up in my parents’ home and the less than wonderful food that was splashed onto our plates at boarding school.

When I started work in the 1970s the tea lady’s morning and afternoon visits marked time to down tools.  In those days it was work to order with bells that rang throughout the building telling us when it was time to start work, have morning tea, leave the building for lunch, stop for afternoon tea and down tools and get ready for home time. Having spent eleven years at boarding school it seemed the natural progression into the workforce to be regimented by bells and timetables.

We could hear the tea trolley before we saw it.  Morning tea was a chelsea bun which cost 10cents – the good old days.  Having spent the allotted ten minutes for morning tea talking to the office spunks I returned to my desk with my chelsea bun and cup of tea (a cup in a saucer no less).  Lunch was a pound of grapes and a packet of liquorice all sorts – don’t be jealous.  I skipped afternoon tea probably because I was still nauseous from lunch time.  How times change!  While liquorice all sorts are still one of my favourite sweets (those brown ones in particular) I tend to eat more chocolate now if I have a craving for something sweet.

As our children came along I learned to cook and made sure our meals were nutritious and colourful.  We usually ate at the dining room table; three meals a day every day of the week.  There were exceptions like Sunday nights when we had an easy and very different meal to other times.  Maybe it was toasted sandwiches and crisps or home made hotdogs, and we ate on our laps in front of the TV.

When our meals were at the dining room table, TV was a no-no which caused a lot of discussion because dinner time coincided with a new programme called:  The Simpsons.  Strange thing both children made it to adulthood so the fare must have been adequate, although I do remember  my daughter announcing on one occasion that the meal I’d served up was “the most disgusting thing” she’d ever tasted.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.

Now that we’ve all grown up and the children live independently the MOTH (man of the house) and I still eat well.  The only difference is that now he’s the chef and I’m the cheerleader.   We still eat three wholesome meals a day.  I always look forward to lunch time as the break in my work day and I know that a beautiful salad is my reward for a morning’s work.  I am never disappointed.  It always scrumptious, nutritious and quite honestly … a visual symphony!




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