Sunday Night and We’re Packing Up

Tomorrow we head away on a week’s break from work and the call of the weeds, ironing and ever-mounting laundry pile.  It’s been a hectic Easter weekend picnicking with friends on Friday and home duties the other two days.

There has been much around here to distract a happy procrastinator.  The eleventh hour is the hour of galvanising action and militant motivation.  But ah me!  it has not arrived yet.  My swimming togs are in the bag as well as a couple of pairs of socks so there’s a fair way to go yet.  But the MOTH (man of the house) is not panicking.

Wangi Wharf

Looking back at Wangi wharf from the boat

Come tomorrow, he will be supremely organised and purposeful about his tasks while I will be doing what I should have been doing tonight – instead of blogging.

Not having been to either of the camping spots before we are unsure whether there there will be an internet connection and we have unpowered camp sites at both camp grounds.  I don’t mind telling you that I am a tad nervous at the prospect of being unplugged for an entire week.  We’ve even got real books to read because once our e-readers run out of power we’re in trouble.

Not our friends' boat but one tied up at the wharf

Not our friends’ boat but one tied up at the wharf

So maybe my bag isn’t packed yet but can I tell you about my toys, which are packed.  Two reading books – one is a Wally Lamb book, he’s a new-to-me author so I am unsure what to expect.  Included in my nifty bag of tricks is a colouring in book and two sets of coloured pencils, one is a metallic set which is beautiful; a wad of recently printed off Sudoko puzzles (we like to have races – it happens after years together); some zentangle patterns, pencil and plain pad on which to practice.  We have a battery run portable set of speakers but haven’t yet figured out how we manage when the iPod goes flat.  I’m up for surprises so maybe the MOTH will serenade me.

I’m a blingful person and like colours, sparkle and basically anything different and eye-catching.  One of my hobbies is collecting interesting bookmarks, or making them from bits and pieces I collect (or snaffle) from coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries and museums or libraries.  See, here’s the thing with e-books, you don’t need a beautiful bookmark because it does that electronic thing that never loses your place.  Along with reading a real book will be a recently acquired bookmark from our little cinema up the road.

My Secret Garden Colouring In Book

My Secret Garden Colouring In Book

Our camping adventures are updated on our blog called Catch Us Camping so please come and visit.  Until we’re back the A-Z posts have been scheduled and I look forward to catching up with you then.


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