K is for Kindness and the Muse gone Missing (Really?)

Well, here you are and thank you for stopping by.  Perhaps you’ve popped in as part of the April blog hop that is the A – Z Challenge where bleary-eyed bloggers everywhere are working their way through the alphabet one day at a time during the month of April.  It’s tiring, brain-stretching, challenging and wonderful all wrapped into a new emotion called … um … watch this space it’ll come to me …  Until it does let me tell you about my posts thus far this month.

Early in the piece, in fact in the middle of last month even, some bloggers had their editorial calendars stacked full of posts already scheduled for remote release into the blogosphere.  Too organised for me but I’m the first to give them a round of applause for commitment and focus.   have a hard time maintaining focus for long especially if the blogging muse has gone walk about which doesn’t seem to happen as often to others as it does around here.  He (the blogging muse with ADHD) often struts with purpose, has something on his mind and we go with the flow.

Generally we have this collaborative thing happening. When we’re in synch we enjoy researching different aspects of my work with the parents of children under the age of 12, where parental substance abuse has affected their ability to parent appropriately.  The muse and I have posted about foster care, injecting users, compassion, addiction and other interesting stuff elsewhere on this blog.  However at other times he’s decidedly off colour and acting out in ways that require medication (or maybe it’s because he’s well … male).  He probably deserves a name; happy for suggestions.

Tonight the muse is AWOL.  Did he ask to go walkabout?  No!  So I’m wringing my hands that are crimped around a cold cup of tea and wondering what to do with the letter K.  While the theme for the month is fairly broad the context is within that of Social Justice and how it may relate to my work as an alcohol and other drug counsellor.  So here’s my offering for K.  Short and sweet because sometimes others say it so much better than we do.

Thank you Mr Gibran – you’re a sweetie!



The smallest act of kindness

is worth more than

the greatest intention

Kahlil Gibran


4 thoughts on “K is for Kindness and the Muse gone Missing (Really?)

    • Archana, you are one organised lady. I would like to be wondering about just two posts instead of having only two scheduled (V and W) for when we are away. I’m thinking my posts are too long so will be trying to cut them down but when I get started they seem to just unfold. Thanx for visiting and I hope you find U and Z real soon.


  1. I understand, Linda. Sometimes, the mind simply becomes blank.
    Because I didn’t commit to the challenge until the evening before it began, I had nothing written ahead of time. I too was doing the daily posts as they came – until I had to go away for a few days. Then I got busy and managed to write a couple of extras before we went to visit family. I also wrote a list of A-Z words to write about, so I’m not stuck for a topic when that letter wants its turn.
    Now I am writing two posts a day in order to get ahead as Easter is coming and I will be away again for two days at least. I want to make sure I have a few days grace right through to the end of the month too, in case something untoward happens.
    This challenge has got my enthusiasm fro writing to a higher level than it has been for a couple of years, so I am very pleased to be doing it. It has also got me putting down some of the stories I have been intending to write for years. I saw your commitment over the last few months, and decided that, if you can do it, so can I. Thank you for the example you’ve set. 🙂
    And even if you didn’t write a full post on your K word, you did write a post after all.


    • You are sounding extremely organised Linda! We’re away after Easter for a week and one of the places we’re heading has no internet access, so I’ll have to get my act together for those posts. If you’re free in the morning we could do a bloggy-coffee catch up? Do you think? Hope so it would be good to talk blog stuff with someone.


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