Bye Bye NaBloPoMo

Tell us one thing you learned about yourself this month

At the end of each NaBloPoMo month in which I have participated the last day prompts us to reflect on the four week journey and how, or whether, it has affected us.  Have we noticed any new behaviours or have we in fact learned anything about ourselves during the process of writing daily.  Having signed up for the March challenge in February I looked ahead to the prompts and there on the last day was the prompt for which this piece is being tapped out.  I had to pull myself up when I noticed my posture slump and what seemed like a routine question to which I had provided superficial comment over the past months.

Now it is the last day of my birthday month, which has been filled with lovely anniversary activities, gifts, friends, outings and generally a happy buzz around the four weeks.  Living ‘down under’ as we do the end of March heralds in cooler nights, shorter days and plans to check out the wood pile ready for winter fires.  It’s a mixed up kind of month when I start to think of long evenings in front of a fire and chasing the laundry around the house which starts to like a Chinese laundromat.  Then I think about long evenings being able to blog.  Ah, happy times, bring it on.

Reflecting on the journey since I took up my pen in November I realise there is a chasm between intending to post something every day and actually getting the job done.  What happens in between?  I believe the key is in knowing what is our intent in blogging daily.

  1. Is it to nurture a creative potential
  2. Rant, unwind and vent anything and everything that annoys us during the day
  3. Is it to grow an audience
  4. It is for the simple love of writing
  5. Is it because we want to raise awareness on a particular issue

It was all of  the above when I started although I was more interested in the process than actually unleashing my opinions on the blog world.  Prompts leant focus for someone new to the process and discipline of posting something each day.    Belonging to a blogroll gave my writing an audience and exposed me to how others saw the process and allowed me to follow their processes.  Were they random posts, intentionally following a theme within the prompts, or were they targeting a specific audience with pointed posts.  What I discovered is that there is no one way to blog.  Yes there is an etiquette that we follow to safeguard each other from ourselves, and from others, but generally it is an environment where we are expected to behave as adults and treat each other with respect.  It is a safe place and it needs to be.

So here’s what I learned about myself through the process.  I have:

  • Endurance:  I can do this!
  • Tenacity:  I want to do this!
  • Fortitude:  I will do this!
  • Fulfilment:  I want to do this!

NaBloPoMo has been a wonderful experience over the five months and I’m both grateful and humbled by the nurturing I have received while part of those challenges.  They gave me the confidence to have another go and the courage to keep going.  I am no longer squizzing my blog stats and if I can’t post every day, c’est la vie!  

For the month of April I’m taking part in the A – Z Challenge which you can read all about here.  The blog hosts have not suggested a theme as we blog through the alphabet although many have chosen to focus on a particular topic.  In April I will be taking a look at a variety of aspects related to my work as an alcohol and other drug counsellor with particular emphasis on the issues of social justice. Some of the issues raised during the month are reflected in a previous post entitled:  What’s this Social Justice Thing?

Farewell NaBloPoMo …  Happy Blogging until we meet again.





4 thoughts on “Bye Bye NaBloPoMo

    • I’m not done blogging only moving to a different challenge for April. It has taken the five months of daily posts to get me into the routine and now it is part of what I do most days. Thank you for visiting so regularly 🙂


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