April Blogging A – Z

Have you ever taken a trip by yourself?  Do you prefer to travel alone or with others?

One of the gorgeous illuminated letters for April's challenge

One of the gorgeous illuminated letters for April’s challenge


understand this prompt is probably about ‘trip’ in the travelling or adventure sense but for today my take is about the trip of blogging through the alphabet in April.  For someone who dislikes others looking on as she creates, signing up for November’s NaBloPoMo’s monthly challenge was out of left field.  Putting my beloved creations out there for everyone to view and judge is like holding my child up for public criticism and all mothers know how our children are off limits to criticism from others

Believe me it has been a trip.  Would I have done it on my own?  No, I don’t think so.  I had tried blogging previously four years ago with little reward and flagged it after a few months.  Life nudges us when the time is right for us to have another go.  November was my month to give blogging another go.  If it weren’t for the company along the way it would have been a repeat performance of previous years.  Travelling with others made a big difference.  As with travelling trips we enjoy the companionship of friends, partners, strangers sometimes and sharing a special moment or activity makes it more memorable.  There are other times that being alone are as enjoyable.  Time to reflectively journal the day’s treasures and interpret how elements of being a ‘stranger in a strange land’ feel:  the isolation, freedom, elation, and solitude.

So how does all this relate to blogging through the alphabet in April?  Because it’s a trip I am taking with, at the last count, 1, 684 other people.  Holey Dooley!  The idea of crashing through the cyber waves on a boat filled with bloggers from all over the world is as exhilarating as the ocean spray.  Imagine it, six days a week (Sunday off for good behaviour) writing, reading, blog-hopping – getting down with the blog lingo.

I signed up at the beginning of this month which was a surprise as previously I made a decision on the next month’s blogging challenge in the last week of the current month.  It was the bling that did it … twenty-six days of beautifully illuminated letters prettying up my blog was a big temptation.

Over the past weeks posts started appearing on the March NaBloPoMo blogroll about organising editorial calendars, researching suitable content in preparation for the starter’s gun come 1st April.  Some have chosen a theme for the month and not pissy little themes either.  For a glimpse of what’s in store I’m excited to be in the company of Laurel Regan and her Alphabet Salad’s theme for April’s A – Z Challenge – incredible artwork and she’s not a bad writer either!

The weather forecast is for continued showers – alleluia!  Perfect weekend weather to be ensconced indoors and whipping that editorial calendar into shape, maybe even writing a few pieces.   This learning curve has taken a sharp vertical lift off which reminds me of raising our son.  He had us challenged at every stage of his development.  We’d no sooner have his behaviours pegged and he would take off in a different direction which sent us scrambling for the latest child behaviour modification book available and talking to whoever had travelled a similar path,  trying to catch up with him.  Invariably it took us six month to catch up at which point he would leap forward the next six months.

Brimming with enthusiasm and loving the new habit of daily writing  I hope I’m up for the challenge but more earnestly that I don’t get trampled in the crush … 1, 685 others !


One thought on “April Blogging A – Z

  1. Thanks for the link to Laurel Regan’s site, what a wonderful artist and it has inspired Boo to continue her artistic efforts and realise that not all art is portrait or abstract. Your blog will never be lost among the thousands because you are unique and your voice should be heard so we all reflect on who we are, what motivates us and why we should explore ourselves more.


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