Crocs and Socks

Clearly my mind wasn’t on the job this morning. In fact it was up to some odd shenanigans which slid under the radar of consciousness until the MOTH (man of the house) came to the rescue. How do I know my brain was behaving in inappropriate ways?

  • It didn’t register that when the alarm went off that its job is to send messages down well-worn neural pathways to alert my body it was time for vertical posture, horizontal time was officially over
  •  Work name badges (especially when you’re the boss and representing your organisation) are easier to read if they are the correct way up
  • Crocs and socks are not appropriate footwear to address a room full of services you’re hoping will boost your referral numbers
  • It’s a good idea to know where said important meeting is being held and what time said meeting starts

As you can see things were well out of hand this morning.  Not a skerrick of mindfulness during the getting dressed phase, absolutely no focus on the  footwear and a total lack of awareness during the first hours of the day.  In fact I have to wonder if I was conscious at all.  It reminds me of the party game where someone stands behind you with with their arms around the front and tries to put your make up on … except I did this all on my own.  Quite an achievement, I feel but hey, my shoes were on the correct feet!

Tomorrow things will be different.  Here’s the plan:

  1. Before hopping into bed tonight I tie a string bow on my finger.  Why?  So it reminds me we’re doing this differently today/tomorrow …  one day, sometime, soon, maybe?
  2. Get up within half an hour of the alarm going off.  Big ask but worth a try to save the ignominy of a repeat of the socks and crocs gig
  3. Check out the string bow.  If it is not on said finger find it  and try and remember why it is important
  4. Wake up my brain and assertively engage it

I realise there is a flaw in this plan. What happens if the bow falls off during the night?  What if I don’t remember there was a bow?  What if I can’t remember what the bow is for?   But look, we’re not going to focus on what could go wrong with this plan, we’re attending to the good things that will follow on once I have found the bow, remembered its purpose and set the plan rolling.  Charles Dickens is with me on this one as we both have Great Expectations.  Okay, maybe we’re not on the same page and just possibly his expectations were more profound than mine.  However, his profundity and literary prowess won’t undermine my expectation that tomorrow will be a great exercise in knocking further inappropriate early morning behaviours on the head.

Is anyone with me on this or am I the only one concerned about galloping senility?

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