Sunday Night Blues

Here it is Sunday evening the end to another beautiful Autumn weekend.  Gardening, ocean swimming, fellowship at Church and an afternoon catching up with our daughter and grandson via Skype, swimming and watching a missed episode of Janet King.  What a full two days it has been!

Like all good things weekends too come to an end which means work tomorrow.  I work a nine day fortnight with every second Monday off, sadly tomorrow isn’t that Monday.  It is also the week in the fortnight filled with meetings, staff catch ups and administration duties that keep me shackled to a desk.  Not my favourite week in the period, bet you couldn’t tell!  It was good therefore that the message at Church this morning was about getting out of bed with the right attitude with which to face the day.  I will do my best to remember that in the morning.

Yesterday the MOTH (man of the house) and I pottered about in the garden.  By non-verbal agreement we have our parts of the garden over which we have dominion so while he spent the morning tending to digging holes and moving large plants from one spot to another, I weeded the tropical garden.  Altogether a successful morning’s work.  Another of my areas is the vegie patch that I sowed a few months ago and the good news is tonight we reaped a small harvest of beans (butter and green) along with some radishes, which probably should have been harvested a few weeks ago.


As we enjoy dinner sitting on the patio and look out at the garden I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to enjoy a lifestyle that provides so may activities to enjoy both at home and further afield.  Makes me think that maybe work tomorrow will be okay because I know I will be returning to our little patch of paradise.


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