Ten Years from Now: Blogging Borgs

Do you think you’ll still be blogging 10 years from now?

This is a cliched reminder of school essays designed to stir up the imagination of the young ones.  Having this question posed at this stage of the life continuum had me stumped, temporarily.  Ten years from now I’ll be closer chronologically to being able to request a letter from the Queen for having reached 100.  What I mean is that the older I get, the younger 70 seems.  As the pension age eligibility increases so too does my perspective of older folks’ capacity to continue to enjoy life in the communities in which we reside.


Technological advances will continue to increase the rate of change as we become connected to more devices.  At the moment the MOTH (man of the house) and I have a whopping combined total of no less than twelve devices to which we are attached:  iPods, MP3 players, laptops, desktops, smart phones and tablets.  They add quality to our lives and connect us to friends and family around the world, our lifestyle would be radically different if we weren’t plugged in.  Add to this mix that ‘we’ are now hooked on blogging.  Each night the MOTH and I discuss the day’s topic and toss banter around as to what each of us thinks about the night’s post and we check out each other’s perspectives.  We’ve had a busy evening so tonight I’m going it alone which may account for the complete other worldliness of what follows.

YES, YES, and yes again.  I will definitely be blogging in ten years’ time.  Cloud computing is the way ahead increasing our capacity to network as technology continues its mandate to speed up everything, including us.  In 2024 I’ll be sitting on my 3D printed chair with my 3D printed cup of coffee and 3D printed carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  I won’t have to leave my blogging space because my organs will be regenerating as I go and if they fail to keep up with my body’s natural degeneration then I’ll print out new body organs with my nifty 3D printer.  It’ll be a cinch.

Actually, by then we will have  found those other beings some of us are so sure are lurking about the galaxy.  Because us bloggers are such a friendly and hospitable bunch we’ll be hosting interplanetary blogging events via mind-controlled avatars who will be intellectually superior than our virtual manifestations.  I like Ray Kurzweill’s futuristic hallucination idea that humanity will merge with machinery and a new species will be birthed – Borgs!  So there you have it peeps the blogosphere of the next decade will go intergalactic and I for one would not miss that for  well .. all the tea in China, 3D of course!


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