What I’ve learned about Myself from Blogging

There is so much learning with any new activity which blogging has been for me. As a young girl diaries were the go.  The ones with a lock and key that held closely held hopes and dreams.  Hidden within the covers of that locked sanctuary were the musings for my eyes only.  Then journalling became the fashion and never left.

Now we bare our angst and jubilation via blogs and visit each other to a see whether we’re the only ones in the throes of whatever it is we’re blogging about.  We join NaBloPoMo and compare stories, perspectives and writing styles.  We like, leave comments and encourage others along the journey because it’s all about the journey which is a good thing because from where I sit there is no destination with blogging.  There is no arriving. No end in sight.  Only the journey.  The journey.  The journey … and what a journey.

The lessons taken from blogging are varied ranging from a raised awareness of what makes me tick in terms of how I engage with the prompt for the day, to being either encouraged or piqued by a piece of writing on another blog.  All these have enriched my experience as a writer not to mention having provided endless material for future posts.

Blogging has taught me that I’m an all or nothing person.  In the early days I thought it would be okay to write a blog a few days a week and intersperse these with photo posts.  It became apparent that the single photo posts were not how I saw my blogging and since then I have managed a post each night since November.  These have been between my two blogs, this one and our camping blog which you can visit by following the link in the column to the right.

The best lesson from this blogging journey has been that it doesn’t have to be perfect.  It only needs to be consistent and regular.  Making time to sit and write each night is a commitment and one I find easy to comply with.  I enjoy walking through the day more mindfully now because I am on the lookout for something interesting to “talk” about when I sit at the keyboard each evening.

Four months into the journey and I am already looking forward to the growth that will happen over the next four months.


3 thoughts on “What I’ve learned about Myself from Blogging

  1. I love what you say about “it doesn’t have to be perfect”. I personally tend to overlook that, I _want_ to make it perfect but never can. But as you said, it is a journey and that’s the most important part of it – to keep going, to keep travelling.
    Thanks for this post, needed it today!
    – Andrea, #atozchallenge Mighty Minion Asset


  2. I love this perspective. Blogging is about our journey and a commitment to share it with others. For only being a few months into it, I’d say you were born to do this.
    Of course, we both have that ole’ diary/journal history in our backgrounds too. Writing is like breathing for us, isn’t it?


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