Best or Worst Blogging Me

Does blogging bring out your best or worst self?

IroningIt’s the night before we head away for a long weekend.  The dishes are done, the MOTH (man of the house) has folded the Laundrylaundry (he’s a treasure) and I’ve reduced the ironing pile by four items.  Hardly a stout effort on my part but truthfully I want it to be tomorrow already.  So no, I’m not  getting anything ticked off on the-leaving-on-a-holiday checklist.  Instead I’m sitting on the couch trying to figure out whether blogging brings out the best or worst in me.  Meanwhile the MOTH is watching Spicks and Specks with his headphones on, but the volume is so loud I may as well be listening anyway.  He’s either oblivious of the  checklist or doesn’t understand what it takes to get us out the door; or maybe he does, and is hoping I’ll get my act together sometime before we leave.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to say that blogging brings out the best me.   Sometimes it really does and other times I’m not so sure.  But no kidding, I can play nicely.  No really, I can and often do.  Sometimes I don’t even have to think about being my best me, she pops out full of surprises.  The idea of being ambushed by your better self is funny yet a testimony to how complex our minds are.

When clients’  circumstances have been more challenging than usual or it’s been a crappy day for no other reason than it’s been a crappy day, I’m at the keyboard conjuring a massive vent.  I know the therapeutic value of getting it out of my mind and onto the page – and how good does that feel – but my blog is not what I want to use that kind of writing for.  I want QueasyPeasy to be a reflection of who I am most of the time and most of the time I feel I present a pretty blogging best me.


Notwithstanding that last paragraph there have been and will be again, times that QueasyPeasy plays host to the blogging worst of me and I hope that it has the strength and empathy to tolerate these outbursts.  I’m blaming my finely tuned sense of injustice and bleeding heart for anything on legs that is hurting.  There are some things, especially social justice issues about which I cannot be ‘blogging best’ about.  However, I do and will try to present the facts and hope I’m not too flaky when it comes to having a balanced perspective (oxymoron … perhaps?).

Four paragraphs later and I haven’t managed to answer the question … and sadly the ironing pile is still waiting.


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