Feeling Like Me

When or where do you feel most like yourself?

FriendsThis question would not have crossed my mind in a million years.  Ask me where I am most happy, when I’m most excited or where I like to be when I’m both happy and excited and the answer would roll out.  But where or when do I feel most like myself is not something I’ve considered … until now.  Honestly!  I don’t know how to answer this prompt.  Let’s do lists today and big girl writing tomorrow …

I feel most like myself when:

  • People know and understand my idiosyncrasies
  • They no expectations of me and there is no agenda other than friendship
  • I spend time with folk  once a year and pick up like we talked yesterdayPooh and Eeyore
  • My values are respected
  • I’m accepted – odd behaviours and all
  • Others are being open and honest
  • When I’m belly-laughing
  • When I’m being a smudge silly, or even a lot silly

I feel most like me:

  • In small groups of people I know well
  • In my present stage of life
  • With this lovely freedom and ‘permission’ that comes with age – it is liberating and empowering
  • In this possibly most powerful phase of my life because of the personal freedom and complete lack of obligation and I love it!
  • When I’m surrounded by family (the MOTH and my children) who aren’t surprised by anything I say or do and even still think I’m funny
  • Sitting on the beach listening to the seaside noises
  • On holiday in our camper trailer
  • Meeting fellow campers and sharing experiences
  • Enjoying a meal and fellowship with friendsFriends Lineup

As you can see the lists are varied because there is no one place or one time in which I feel most like myself.  Maybe it comes with age because I feel most like me in most places and most of the time.  While the lists are ‘happy’ lists identifying positive aspects of feeling like me there are an equal number of not so good wheres  and whens that I feel completely myself yet uncomfortable in a way that is ‘mostly me’.  Confused?  Me to, think I’ll leave it there.  After all we have a whole month to tease out this topic without being confused before we have lift off.

Come on now, it’s your turn. 


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